Friday, 15 September 2017

My new favourite brand ...

Being a busy working mom of two can sometimes leave my mind a little frazzled and unable to shut off of a nighttime. Finding different ways to calm and relax my mind is a must to keep myself sane.
In May of this year a fabulous new and exciting brand came on the scene at Boots ...
Feather & Down*!

Made in England Feather & Down have created an amazing range of products aimed to help us SLEEP, from bath and body to home fragrance items. They understand how important our sleep is to help us in day to day life. They know that 'SLEEP MATTERS'.

Each one of their beautiful products is blended with lavender and chamomile essentials oils which helps the mind and body relax and unwind.

The packaging of Feather & Down products is just the most Luxe of beauty, stunning feel and incredible illustrations which help build the picture of a magical night sky.

The first product I tried out from the range and instantly fell in love with was the Melting Shower Cream (£6.00). This stuff is super, it feels like a creamy body lotion that melts into the skin with ease, and smells soooo beautiful. I have also used this while running my bath, under the hot tap which creates an incredible milky bath with an amazing scent that fills the room.

The Pillow Spray (£7.00) is a must and their number one product right now, it literally is just what it says ... a pillow spray. 

So I have been lightly spritzing this over my pillow and bedcovers just before I get into bed and let me tell you ... this stuff is magic. I highly recommend you try this if you have any trouble sleeping or relaxing when you go to bed, this knocks me out!!!

Paired with that I have been using the All Purpose Sleep Balm (£7.00) ...

This little tub is filled with a wonder, its the perfect balm to apply to your pulse points before bedtime. But I have also found it to be the most handy of products, and is my new handbag essential. 

I'm a massive worry freak and can get anxious at the smallest of things, so this product is my new go to to help me stay calm. If ever I'm feeling a bit anxious I will pop this on my wrists, somewhere where it's easy to have a sniff, as I find the ingredients and scent of all these products to help me personally calm down.

The last product that I have tried out is where my husband comes into play (calm down ... clean minds!) Haha. The soothing body oil (£8.00) is just the most incredible massage oil in a spray. 
It has the same beautiful scent and leaves my skin feeling nourished and refreshed. 

It says ...

'Massaging your skin with body oils can reduce stress and anxiety by decreasing muscle tension  which can help to improve relaxation'.


I have absolutely loved trying out Feather & Down products, I can't express enough how much they have helped my body and mind over these past couple of months.

I have a little booklet which shares all the other amazing products they have, which is like my personal wish list as I think I need it all. 

Their range also includes bath essence, sleep butter, sleep salts, calming candle, relaxing reed diffuser, the sleep essentials gift and sleeping bag gift. All available on, selected Boots stores and

A range I can't recommend enough .... Feather & Down.

Thanks for stopping by, Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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Space of Beauty said...

These sound so great! I love sleep promoting products for the evening.

Emmy Writes About said...

I struggle sleeping so much. I really want to try the pillow spray and balm they sound lovely.

Cassandra Thompson said...

Sounds like such a dreamy brand - I bet it smells amazing!

Cass | CassandraMyee

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