Monday, 15 May 2017

My MacXFleurDeForce Lipstick

I do love a good Mac Cosmetics lipstick, so when Fleur De Force announced she was creating her own shade ... I was all over it! A must buy!

Fleur's lipstick is part of Mac's beauty influencers limited edition collection where ten people from around the world got to create their own unique shade to sell in their own country.

In regards to the packaging, the only real difference from Mac's regular line is the outer sleeve, and Fleur De Force sticker on the bottom of the lipstick itself. I personally would have love to have seen it be a little more unique and different. But I still love it.

So the Fleur De Force lipstick colab seemed to be a popular one and sold out super fast on Mac and Selfridges a few days later. I'm so pleased that I managed to get one after spotting on Fleur's Instagram that they had gone onto sale via the Mac Cosmetics website. 

It was £16.50 with free shipping, plus I also picked a prep and prime sample with my order.

The shade Fleur created is a beautiful nude with a peachy twist, which is sure to suit most skin tones. She opted for the creme sheen formula which is moisturising on the lips with a slight glossy finish and lasts about 3-4 hours on me before I need a top up.

What do you think? 

Did you manage to get hold of one?

I'm so pleased with this purchase and so proud of Fleur for this massive achievement.

Let me know your favourite Mac lipstick shades and finishes in the comments below.

Speak soon.
Karen x JinksyBeauty x



Beautylymin said...

It looks like the perfect nude! xx

Leanne Page said...

I didn't managed to get. I'm super gutted though. The shade looks so pretty xx

Roxie Watt said...

I am so bloody annoyed that I didn't buy it. It was in my basket but thought it looked quite similar to a lot of shades that I already own. Regreting that a bit now!

Laura Hollier said...

This shade is gorgeous! Love it x

Laura Louise said...

MAC are Verrrrrrrrrrrry clever with this collab lol. Thumbs up to them as any involvement with influencers are always a quick sell out and this colour is beautiful x

Kasie Sullivan said...

this looks like such a nice everyday shade!! I was so undecided on this! and also how have I just noticed we have the same blog template!! hey twin ha ha

kasie xx

Allure La Vie said...

I really love it Karen, going to try and pick it up xx

Georgia Hathaway said...

It looks like such a perfect shade of nude!

Georgia x

Cassandra Thompson said...

It does look like the perfect shade! It's a shame I can't get in NZ :(

Cass | CassandraMyee

Gem flutterandsparkle said...

I was so pleased for her when I saw this - how epic to have your own MAC lippie!

Gemma x |

Emily clare said...

So annoyed I didn't manage to get it, it looks amazing.
Emily x |

Katie Mills said...

I love Fleur, I really wish this was available in the US! Such a pretty color x

Beauty From Katie

sassy said...

I really wish any of these 10shades were available in Croatia :(( This shade is gorgeous :))) My friend from Canada managed to get me Samantha's lipstick so I can't wait till it comes

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