Monday, 8 May 2017

Happy Birthday #TheMeltCrowd

Hi guys! I hope you are all well? I've had a little break from the blogging side of things recently due to not feeling myself, but I'm back and really trying to get on top of things.

I thought I would start back with one of my favourite subscription boxes ... #TheMeltCrowd

This month Flamingo Candles has brought us a bright and funky Carnival themed melt box, full of treats. And best of all they are celebrating two whole years of this fabulous box! 

Happy Birthday guys!!!

So to celebrate we were treated to an extra special Birthday cake scented melt ...

How cute is that?

So incase you have never heard of Flamingo Candles #TheMeltCrowd boxes before ... they are a monthly subscription box that contains eight beautifully scented wax melts, plus sometimes added extras. The box costs £10.00 a month including postage and gets delivered straight through the letterbox.

Here is the May Carnival themed contents ...

The scents included this month:

Strawberry & Banana Waffles
Kir Royale
Lemongrass & Lime
Pomergranate & White Fig
Seville Orange
Pina Colada
Birthday Cake (special)
Asian Pear & Plum (this months favourite).

What a cute box right?

I have another exciting and different subscription box to share with you next. I have signed up to a boxed called TreatBoxUk, after I decided to cancelled my Birchbox and Glossybox subscriptions. And its amazing ... so stay tuned for that one!

If you have any other subscription box recommendations, then please leave them in the comments below.

Speak soon.
Karen x JinksyBeauty x


Lucy Cole said...

Hope you're feeling better! What a fab box. How long do they last? I'm not sure I'd get through all of them in a month!xx

Lucy x |

Beautylymin said...

£10 a month is pretty good for that many products! xx


Roxie Watt said...

This is such a wonderful brand. So much effort clearly goes into creating stunning scent combinations and the packaging is always lovely and bright.

JinksyBeauty said...

Hi Lucy! Well tbh I only use it once because I have so many melts! But they definitely would last a couple more time. Up to 8 hours per melt I think.

JinksyBeauty said...

I agree, especially when they come straight through the front door!

JinksyBeauty said...

Yes, so many amazing scents aren't there. Love them.

Mammaful Zo said...

I think the price is quite good really considering the amount of items and they all sound like great scents too xxx

Cassandra Thompson said...

You are really making me want to get into melts now!

Cass | CassandraMyee

Allure La Vie said...

Love the theme of this box, your photos are lovely as always x

Georgia Hathaway said...

What a lovely box, I love the sound of the pear and plum scent!

Georgia x

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