Friday, 7 April 2017

New in from Patisserie De Bain

When a gorgeous little package from Patisserie De Bain arrived at my house, I couldn't wait to get into the box. And best of all, it didn't just contain one new product, but three amazing ones*!

Three new super exciting hand cream scents!

Myself and my family absolutely adore Patisserie De Bain products and all use the hand creams on a regular basis. My favourite is the Sweet as Cherry Pie, my husband loves Lemon Bon Bon and the kids adore Sugared Violet and Strawberry Cupcake.

But my favourite could be due to change with the new arrivals ...

The one I'm most excited for is the new Rhubarb & Custard hand cream. This is a scent that I had been wanting Patisserie De Bain to create in a product, so I'm thrilled to have this sweetness.

Next we have Blackcurrant & Apricot Coulis, this smell perfectly describes the scent as it a great mixture of the two. And amazingly cute packaging right?

And last but certainly not least is the new Raspberry Roulade, this has the most amazing fruity scent, I think this one will be extremely popular.

Each hand cream (50ml) has the most beautiful scent and nourishing ingredients to add to its beauty.

They are all available on website priced at £3.99 each.

From now onwards a 50p donation will be given to the Rays of Sunshine organisation from the sale of any Patisserie De Bain product sold through their website. Their target is to raise £10,000 by the end of the year. Yay! Amazing news guys.

Which new scent would you go for?

Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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