Sunday, 19 March 2017

March Birchbox

One thing I love to share here on JinksyBeauty is beauty and subscription boxes. 

I have been receiving Birchbox and Glossybox for over two and a half years (my Glossybox post for March is already up here), and this is my Birchbox contents ...

The first thing I noticed when I opened my box was the fact that my Batiste top was missing. 
So strange as there is nowhere it can go in the box, so it must have been missing when packed!

But I'm intrigued to try this one out as it's a new dry shampoo and conditioner all in one! 
Full Size - RRP £4.49.

Next ... With Birchbox I adore a box picks email, we get to pick an item that we receive in our boxes. 
Well that didn't exactly go to plan this month. I picked to receive the Lusty Rose shade in the new Benefit Cosmetics lipstick but unfortunately received Pink Thrills. 

Full Size - RRP £16.50. 

I have contacted Birchbox but they insist that Lusty Rose was so popular it ran out. Super annoying as I always make sure to reply to these emails as quick as I can so as to avoid this.

Pink Thrills isn't something I would necessarily wear, so I haven't swatched it as I thought I would do a giveaway with it! Head on over to my Twitter here to enter!

I also received a sample of the BalanceMe Instant Lift Primer.

Full Size - RRP £22.00.

This sounds amazing as its 99% natural blend of hyaluronic acid and acacia gum which is said to tighten and diffuse the skin for smoothing results.

But my sample is a little on the empty side I'm afraid, so thats a little disappointing.

A shower gel sample is always a handy one though, and Korres products are always a delight.

Full Size - RRP £8.00.

And lastly is a Birchbox Exclusive, a deluxe sample of the Marcelle gentle make-up remover.

Full Size - RRP £14.50.

It's hypoallergenic so great for those with sensitive eyes, and has an ingredients mix of cucumber and green tea, sounds amazing.

What do you think to the contents of my Birchbox box?

Karen x JinksyBeauty x



Isabelle Collins said...

That Benefit lipstick is gorgeous! When I get a job I'm 100% going to get a box like this, I used to have them a few years ago and I really do miss them xx

Roxie Watt said...

The new Benefit lipsticks and eyeshadows are very strange. I Swatched a few at the counter and thought they were really overpriced :(

Laura Louise said...

My BB when AWOL this month so it's good to see what was inside lol! x

Cassandra Thompson said...

I am so intrigued by the Benefit Lipsticks - would love to try them!

Cass | CassandraMyee

Gem flutterandsparkle said...

Great to see that lippie in the box but such a shame you didn't get the colour you wanted

Gemma x |

Annie Qadeer said...

I love Baptiste! So good!

LemonaidLies Blog said...

Love the look of the benefit lipstick, shame you didn't get the shade you wanted.

Kenzie xx
Kenzie | LemonaidLies - Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

Amy Evans said...

Ah what a shame that you couldn't get the one you picked! Still it's great to see a new Benenfit product included X

Gemma Magpie said...

I really wasn't wowed with the box either xx

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