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Our day out at West Midlands Safari Park

As a family we love to do days out, but don't get to often do them! So we were thrilled to be able to visit West Midlands Safari Park thanks to a VIP Blogger Pass* I received at the #BloggerHalloweenParty I attended last year! 

I don't often talk about my little family of five here on JinksyBeauty but let me tell you about us. Myself and my hubby have two beautiful children, our daughter Amber who has just turned 8 years old, and our son Leo who turned 11 yesterday! But a family of five though you said? ... Yes well we have a mini shih-tzu called Minnie, but obviously she wasn't allowed to come on the day out with us!

We visited West Midlands Safari Park for our adventure on the last day of their Wild Winter Safari. It was a dull UK day (as is most days at this time of the year), and a little on the chilly side but that's what so fab about the Safari Drive-Through at WMSP, its all in your car!

We always like to start with the Safari Drive-Through when we visit and go on to the rest of the park later on in the day. But your free to do it whichever way around you wish.

The Safari Drive-Through is a four mile self drive experience, it's the home to many fabulous and critically endangered animals that you get to see up close in the safety of your car along the way.

The start of the drive through brought us a variety of ever hungry deer, that are oh so friendly and you can feed yourself with the food you can purchase at WMSP. 

I asked a few of the guys for a picture ...

So many fabulous animals are free roaming in the drive through, you really get to see all their true glory up close and personal. The Rhino's are truly impressive and as you can see this guy (or girl I'm not sure) walked straight up to us ... (well it's food)!

One of our favourite type of animals as a family is the Big Cats! 

Who doesn't love these guys? 

Sadly on the day we visited this time the Lions were all sat on top of their cute themed rock, so I couldn't get too many photo's. But the previous time we has visited all the Lions, male and female (not sure where all the females were this time), were ducking and diving through all the cars, literally felt like you could touch them, (which I highly don't recommend you do!).

WMSP is also home to some stunning White Lions ...

Animals that were extremely active when we drove by were the humongous Elephant's in Elephant Valley! They were pacing back and forth, playing with logs, just having a fab time! 

The Baby Elephant called Sutton (born in 2014) is super cute.

There are so many more amazing animals to look at on the Safari Drive-Through and what I love about it is everytime you visit you get a totally different experience because the animals can do as they please.

After the Safari Drive-Through we visited the Discovery Trail where you have the amazing Twilight Cave which allows you to walk through the incredible Bat cave, love this! 

It is also home to some of my favourite's, the Penguins at Penguin Cove ...

WMSP also have the amazing SeaLion show, which we missed this year, (much to my daughters disappointment), so check the times for this on the day so you don't miss out. It's definitely worth a watch, we have been in previous visits, they are super funny and talented animals.

Next up was the newest attraction that we hadn't visited before, the Land of the Living Dinosaurs!

Land of the Living Dinosaurs opened in 2015 and cost £2.5million to put together. This walking trail features over 40 life size moving, incredibly detailed dinosaurs. It's such an interesting, unique experience, allowing you to step back in time and see these amazing creatures ...

When we came out of the Land of the Living Dinosaur we then went on to Reptile World, full of snakes, turtles, frogs, amazing crocodiles and more ...

On our way over to the African Village we stopped by the enormous Hippo's, who were lazying in their muddy lake.

The African Village is one of my favourite areas to WMSP, which is home to some of my favourites like the adorable Meerkats, Lemurs and the cute but sometimes scary goats ... (hint ... don't walk into the goats with a packet full of the WMSP food, they are not stupid animals!).

At the start of the African Village are the Meerkats ... I adore these guys. They are the cutest little things and were huddled under the heated lamp for some warmth, can't blame them!

The last thing we did was visit the Lemur Woods, it's the largest walk through Lemur woods in the UK and is home to three different species of Lemur. I adore this place, I think its so calming and the Lemurs are just so darn adorable, they literally walk right past you and occasionally on you!

And that was the end of day at WMSP. 

During our visit the Adventure Theme Park which has some traditional rides was closed, but during the Summer season you can have so much fun there also, at an additional cost.

We took a packed lunch along with us but they have many places to eat at WMSP including this cute new Burger place that we hadn't seen before ...

I hope you enjoyed this not so little post about our family day out. I highly recommend WMSP for anyone, we really enjoyed our day out and can't wait to go back.

All prices and any other general information is available at

Thanks so much for having us West Midlands Safari Park!

Karen x JinksyBeauty x



Annie Qadeer said...

I haven't been to a safari in soooo long! These pictures look incredible xx

Annie xx |

Gemma Magpie said...

I haven't been to a safari in SO long xx

Allure La Vie said...

Looks like a great day, I have never been to a safari park. X

LemonaidLies Blog said...

Haven't been to a safari park in ages! Did a meerkat experience like 2 years ago and since then just like the zoo's in florida. Looks like you had a fab time.

Kenzie x
Kenzie | LemonaidLies - Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle

Kathy said...

I loved reading and looking at these photographs! you got so many nice close up shots too, so wonderful!
Kathy x

fourcatsplusus said...

I haven't been here in years and your post has reminded me I would love to go back. It's so miserable at the moment weather wise, we're stuck for things to do. I think this will be one of our rainy day activities in the coming weeks! - Amy

Laura Louise said...

GREAT PICS! It always makes me feel a little sad to see such huge and powerful animals such as the elephants and lions in parks....but if it is part of some kind of conservation programme than that is fair enough. xx

Sophia Meola; ❤ said...

Amazing photos lovely! Looks like you had the best time. Gosh, it feels like forever since I've been to the Zoo - would love to visit soon for sure!

Sophia Meola | A Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog


Cassandra Thompson said...

Wow this looks so amazing, I haven't been to a zoo in ages! Great photos x

Cass | CassandraMyee

Roxie Watt said...

Wow, your photos are amazing Karen! I love the lions, they're so majestic looking. I haven't been to a safari in so long.

Laura Hollier said...

Love going to the zoo/safari park! The meerkats are soooo cute xx

Rebecca said...

I haven't been West Midlands Safari Park in ages but I love it so much, beautiful photography too!

Rebecca Coco

Mammaful Zo said...

What a lovely day out, I haven't been there but it looks great, I love animals and will definitely have to visit xxx

Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

Georgia Hathaway said...

Ah it looks like you had a fab time!

Georgia x

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