Friday, 6 January 2017

What I got for Christmas & sales shopping ...

Hey guys! ... So after a short blogging break I thought that I would return sharing just some of the lovely gifts I received for Christmas and some of the bits I have picked up in the sales so far.

For Christmas I was lucky enough to receive the gorgeous GHD copper luxe collection hairdryer, which is amazing! It's so super stylish and dries my hair like a dream. Along with that I received loads of GHD extra's like hairspray, split end treatment and also the Ultimate style gift set which included a paddle brush, heat protection spray and serum. Myself and my hair were thrilled with this!

As you may know if you have been following my social media accounts, I'm rather obsessed with mugs! I have recently become obsessed with all things Emma Bridgewater and was so lucky to receive the Owl mug duo for Christmas, I was so excited to receive these as I had been wanting them but couldn't get them when I visited the Emma Bridgewater Factory last month, and completely didn't expect anyone to get them for me for Christmas. They are so gorgeous and have already had lots of use.

I adore all things stars, so my Estella Bartlett pieces were massively welcomed. I think my necklace and bracelet are so beautifully simple but stunning, these are going to be my new go too's for sure!

For Christmas I also received a beautiful cornflower blue Zatchels satchel that was personalised with my name on the inside. My daughter also had a matching mini version (with her name) which was super cute idea from my mom. I wore this straight away and have yet to take a picture of it!

I got so many other amazing gifts but these were some of my favourites.

Of course I had to do the Lush sale! I adore the Lush sale as it's literally such bargain compared to the rest of the year. I knew the online site was likely to crash after last years disaster so I was a little sad and got up early Boxing Day morning just to go to Lush!

The queue was massive but it was so calm and nobody was pushing anyone around, I managed to get a load of individual bath bombs, one bubble bar (would have loved more), shower gels and a lip scrub. I'm so glad I went into store as I wouldn't have managed to get anything online by the time I got on. Crazy times!

There was a few things I still didn't managed to pick up that I would have loved to try, they are the snowman melt, mistletoe bath bomb and candy mountain bubble bar. Which are some of your favourite Lush products at Christmas time?

I adore the Zoella Beauty gingerbread range and I'm totally gutted it's limited edition. I noticed Superdrug had an amazing sale on this line and picked up some new bits and some spares for myself and my daughter.

The Pamper Hamper was an incredible buy as it was originally £50 down to £16.99 and includes loads of lovely products like bath salts, shower glaze, cute gingerbread man bag and so much more, inside a cute white wicker basket. I had heard amazing things about the Hungry Hands hand cream, so even though I knew there was one inside my pamper hamper at £1.99 I picked another one up. I love anything bath related so also purchased the cute gingerbread man shaped bath fizzers at £2.99 and a spare fragrance set as this was only £3.99. 

Did you get any Zoella Beauty items for Christmas or in the sales?

Now I think we all know I definitely didn't need anymore candles, but I just can't resist a sale.

I got myself three more Yankee Candles!

The Berry Trifle large jar was in the Boots sale at half price for £11.00 and the medium Home Inspiration Yankee Candles were from Sainsburys at £6.00 each. Bargains!!!

So thats it for this post, or it will just go on and on!

Let me know what your favourite things you got for Christmas were and what you managed to pick up in the sales this year!!

Karen x JinksyBeauty x



Nicole Merza said...

You got a bunch of lovely things! The little jewelry pieces are cute! :)

Nicole | The Glam Surge

Gemma Magpie said...

That Star bracelet is absolutely stunning - I love it xx

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