Friday, 13 January 2017

New Chamilia Beauty and the Beast collection

If you didn't already know myself and my family are massive Disney fans and we literally can't wait for the new Beauty and the Beast live action film to be released this March. I love the films, the merchandise, absolutely everything and its our family goal to one day visit DisneyWorld Florida. We have an extremely small Florida fund at the moment but this year I really need to make an effort to save more or we are never going to get there.

I own a beautiful Chamilia bracelet that I have had for years and is actually full to the brim, it's amazing and I wear it a lot ! 

When I spotted that Chamilia were bringing out a Beauty and the Beast collection I knew that I just had to share it with you guys as so many of us are Disney obsessed! I know this collection is going to do well just from the messages I've had via my Instagram account.

So this incredible collection featuring Swarovski Crystals is being released on the 15th January ...

This stunning 'Belle's Heart' (£40) has Belle in black enamel on one side in a magical font and stunning red Swarovski Crystals covering the heart on the reverse. Perfect charm as it is but wouldn't this make the best Valentine's present also? Get them partner's reading this post and making notes!

Another double sided charm is the 'Tale as Old as Time' book charm (£40). It has the stunning and iconic red rose on the one side in more beautiful Swarovski Crystals and the gorgeous saying that is 'Tale as Old as Time' on the reverse.

Onto some of the iconic Beauty and the Beast characters, starting with the 'Lumiere' charm (£45).
Standing proud this cute candlestick has accents of gold and black enamel and is a right cutie. 
(So wish they produced a Cogsworth to go with him though).

How incredible is the 'Mrs Potts' charm (£45), everyone's favourite in stunning sterling silver and purple enamel accents. I think for sure she is going to be one of their best sellers along side her side kick ...

It's 'Chip', how adorable is he. This hanging charm (£35) is super fun and quirky for anyone's Chamilia collection. These characters are what make Beauty and the Beast so unique.

The charms are all interchangeable and can be switch on and off your bracelets as you wish.

Or alternatively there is a 'Beauty and the Beast Gift Set' ...

This gift set (£115) is an incredible duo of a stunning sterling silver necklace and earrings with rose gold roses and pink Swarovski Zirconia accents. 

All these are launching on the 15th January on and Europe as well as select retailers in these countries including H Samuel and Ernest Jones in the UK.

Which are your must have charms?

Karen x JinksyBeauty x

*All photos provided to me for this post by Chamilia to share with you - Thanks guys!


Gemma Magpie said...

They are such pretty charms, I love them xx

fourcatsplusus said...

Beauty & The Beast is one of my all time favourite Disney films (I'm so excited for the new live action film too!). These charms are adorable, I love them all! - Amy

Mammaful Zo said...

These are so so pretty, my sister is 40 at the end of the month and I've been stuck what to buy her but this bracelet and a charm is lovely xxx

Zoe ♥ MammafulZo

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