Friday, 23 December 2016

The must have family game for Christmas ..

The fast talking description game that every family needs in their life at Christmas! .... Articulate.

If you don't already own this game then stop everything your doing and pop down to your local supermarket now and pick one up!

Articulate* (RRP £32.99) has been around since it's release in 1992 and is an amazing team game that brings all the family together for a giggle, and to test their describing and guessing skills.

The game is for players aged 12+ and has six topic categories of Object, Nature, Person, Action, World and Random.

Teams are made up of a describer and guessers. The game has 500 cards with 3000 different things, places or people to describe. The describer must use as many different words to help the guesser guess the correct word on the card, without saying the word itself. But that's not all, you also can't say it 'rhymes with' or 'sounds like', making it quite the task and fun game.

Each go the teams have 30 seconds to try and complete as many cards as possible, 30 seconds is timed using the sand timer provided with the game.

We have been playing this as a family of four (including my children aged 7 and 10 years old) making it a little more difficult (so we extended the time to one minute guessing), we definitely need to get the Articulate Kids version (aged 6+)  to make it more easier for them. But I have to admit even I struggled with knowing who some of the people were on the cards! But it adds to the fun of it all, and you can pass on one card each turn.

The board also contains a spinner in the middle of the board which gives teams the opportunity to move themselves forward or the opponents backwards. Or it also gives teams the chance to control the board with the control segment. Ekkkkk. So much fun!

I highly recommend this game, it creates amazing family time, a right laugh and helps with your general knowledge.

What the kids say ...

Amber (aged 7 years old): 'I think Articulate is really enjoyable. It is helping my learning and I love that it's a team game. My favourite category to guess is Nature.'

Leo (aged 10 years old): 'Articulate is lots of fun. I love teaming up with my Dad. My favourite category is the World.'

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Whats your favourite family game? Let me know in the comments below.

Karen x JinksyBeauty 



arron said...

Glad to read this article, love your blog so much!


Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

This game sounds like great fun I might have to purchase for a trip my friends and I are going on in a couple of weeks!

Victoria x

Gemma Magpie said...

I've never played this but it sounds really fun xx

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