Friday, 2 December 2016

Family Time: Games

As a family we love games of all types all year round, but christmas especially is a super amazing and special time to get together. Games are a great way to escape, spend time away from work, away from a screen and just have family time!

I have gathered together a few of our favourites at the moment to share with you and give you some ideas for yourself to play or maybe some gift ideas for others.

We are huge Harry Potter fans in our house and when I found out they did a Harry Potter trivial pursuit game I knew we would love it. I recently went into TKMaxx (which I do on the regular) and was thrilled when I spotted this in store (£8.99) and snapped it up straight away (especially as there was only one!).

It's a travel friendly and portable game as everything is inside the wedge and no board is required. It contains 600 questions about all things Harry Potter and test's your knowledge on the following areas:

The Dark Arts
Magical Spells & Potions
Magical Objects
Magical People
Animals & Magical Creatures

We have spent lots of time playing this and it really does test your knowledge to the max and gets the whole family talking!!!

Another great family game we have purchased is the Who am I? game which I spotted in Boots (£5).

It contains a collection of character face mats (30 in total) which you clip onto your nose without knowing what the face mat is for yourself. You can then ask the rest of the players a series of questions to try and guess what/who you are!

It's lots of fun and makes you look bonkers at times, but makes for great family fun.

Marks & Spencers have the most amazing items throughout the store and I have really been loving all their departments right now. I picked up some 3 for 2 Christmas products for presents and purchased the Trivia Fun cards and Coaster Games for our Family Time.

Trivia Fun (£5) is a card trivia game with over 600 questions. It contains 50 rather large double sided cards that have questions for 'Big" Brainias (Adults) on one side and 'Little' Brainias (Children) on the other.

Coaster Games (£5) is something I thought would be perfect for Christmas day and dinner time's at Christmas. It contains coasters that have activities, puzzles and challenges on each.

And I have totally saved the best till last! 

Santa's rooftop scramble is a fabulous christmas themed board game, a fab alternative to Monopoly at Christmas time with its festive theme. Santa's rooftop scramble is perfect for the whole family and we have been loving playing this of an evening.

I found this at Smyths Toys for £11.99 (RRP £14.99).

So Santa's rooftop scramble is as I said a board game where players are each a Santa! You have to deliver the right presents to the right house first in order to win the game. Sounds simple? No, there are little challenges along the way but it's easy to understand and makes for fab family fun.

What's your favourite games to play? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned for more Christmas posts coming soon.

Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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