Thursday, 8 December 2016

A night in with Rituals ...

At this time of year (with it being so cold here in the Uk) one of my favourite things to do is to have a lovely warm bath and some pamper time for myself. Rituals have the most amazing products to help with that so I thought I would share my night in with Rituals ...

Rituals to me are fabulous luxurious products that really are high quality and perfect for anytime but they definitely make for a lovely special treat and amazing gifts for others.

I have the amazing Rituals of Sakura products for my pamper night which is one of my favourite scents of Cherry Blossom with organic rice milk.

The Soothing Hand Balm (£9.50)* is a must for me as it really helps to hydrate my hands and nail cuticles throughout the day, leaving them feeling super smooth. The scent is so lovely, fresh and not too overpowering.

One of the first things I love to do in my baths of an evening after I have lit a candle and got in is to use the Celebrate Each Day Rituals Body Scrub (£19.50)* ...

This amazing body scrub helps to exfoliate and soften my skin with its mix of sugars and amazing ingredients. It helps get rid of any dry patches and prepares the skin for one of my favourite Rituals products the Foaming Shower gel.

While I'm in the bath I adore using the Sensational Foaming Shower Gel (£8.50), its the most satisfying thing as it pumps out into a tiny ball of gel, and transforms into the biggest foaming moisturising sensation!

These Foaming Shower Gels also seem to last forever and actually state they can last upto 50 times, which is amazing value for money.

After my long soak in the bath the first thing I love to do is add some moisture to my body using the Magic Touch Body Cream (£19.50)*.

This stuff is 'Magic', it's an amazing whipped, velvety formula that literally gives an instant moisture boost to the skin as well as an extra splash of the same glorious fragrance. I was always told that it's important to moisturise your body within three minutes of getting out of the bath to get the most moisture locked into your body.

After that I love to put on some cosy pyjamas and get myself a nice hot chocolate (Whittards is my favourite), then chill, watch some youtube, or read a book!

What's your perfect products for a pamper night in?
Let me know in the comments below.

Thanks so much for stopping by, speak soon.
Karen x JinksyBeauty x

*all products in this post where sent to me for review, post also contains affiliate links.


Claire Talks Beauty said...

i have never used this brand before ! these products sounds interesting !

Helena Mulhearn said...

Ow these sound amazing! I really need to try rituals!

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