Thursday, 1 September 2016

Crown Brush Makeup

I'm a massive palettes lover, so when I had the opportunity to try out some Crown Brush products, I jumped at the chance. They kindly let me pick out the products I wanted to try and these goodies are my selection* ...

They have a lovely range that has expanded from their gorgeous brush collections that they have been manufacturing for 30 years. They now stock makeup, accessories and so much more. Everything is a reasonable price and aimed at the working professionals of makeup, all the range is perfect for any budding MUA's kit and us makeup addicts at home.

The packaging is simple but effective in its all matte black style, so fabulous for any Makeup Artist that wants a professional look makeup kit.

Let's start with the Contour palette (£16.99) which is a really decent size and contains ten shades of pressed powder. They range from light to dark which are all matte except for one shade, with such a range they are great for all skin tones. You can pick indiviual shades to apply as they are or mix up a couple with the same brush to create a whole new shade to suit.

The Blusher palette (£14.99) from Crown Brush is the same size and concept as the contour plate with its ten shade spaces, but this is full of pink, shimmering and matte shades of greatness! The Blusher palettes ranges from light pink, to bright pink, to deeper pinks and really has a shade for all occasions and seasons. This again is great for mixing shades and is a perfect addition to a kit or personal collection. 

Now .... onto my favourite, the 35 Colour Metal Madness palette (£22.99) which contains only metallic and shimmer shades to create an eye catching finish.

This palette contains 35 shades with a mix of mainly neutral shades, plus splash of colour with its hints of pink, orange and green pans. It comes in a large black matte palette with a mirror on the top, along side some foam double ended applicators. 

There are five rows which each contain seven shades, I have swatched them top to bottom and from left to right to show you the pigment and shades this gorgeous palette contains. Each swatch is done without primer to show the true colour.

Top row:

Second row:

Third row:

Fourth row:

Bottom row:

As you can see all shades have amazing pigmentation and easily show up without any problem. I have used this palette a few times with various different looks, it allows for great versatility with its range of shades. I would have loved some mattes thrown in their but I suppose that's the whole points of this palette, it's metal madness! My favourite shade of all from this palette is the bottom right which is a rusty copper red, perfect for the Autumn coming up.

I would love to know your thoughts on these Crown Brush palettes and if you have tried anything out from their range of products. If you want to check out their products then head on over to their website

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