Sunday, 14 August 2016

Summer footwear: Teva

In the Summer I really struggle finding something that is cool, airy and most importantly doesn't course any nasty blisters or pain to my feet. So my new Teva Iridescent sandals have been so lovely, they have beautiful colourings, are leather so I know they will last, and have adapted to my feet with ease. 

When I first checked out the Teva website so many different variety of footwear stood out to me, they have something for most looks. I love the black leather for a more classy look, but they have great flip flops for those beach holidays and I even love the adorable footwear for my kids, especially the younger girls selection. 

Obviously the adorable iridescent colourings attracted me to these beauties but they have been so super comfy and springy with their rubber soles. I think these would suit so many different people and really make for a comfy fashionable outing. And if your into a lot of walking they do amazing shock absorber based sandals in a massive variety of colours and patterns, so do check them out. 


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