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My Happiness Planner Goodies ...

Happiness Planner as a company really do aim to please, aim to bring out that happiness from inside. They have so many cute, adorable and darn right amazing products to really try and help the inner us. I have been struggling with a few things recently and really find writing things down, planning things out, setting goals to really help my focus.

I have a lovely Happiness Planner collection* that I'm going to share with you in this post, but let's start with the big daddy of them all! The gorgous Mid year (July-June) Mint & Rose gold planner. 

It arrives in an impressive mint storage box with the large and rather thick planner inside along with some cute matching clips and additional print outs. The planner itself is really rather lovely, and so much bigger than I thought that it would be (230mmX165mm). It has the most stunning rose gold spiral bound finish, with amazing attention to detail, you can really tell that these were made to a lovely high standard. 

Inside is full of positivity with its empowering quotes, questions that make you focus on what makes you happy, activities to help you focus your mind on what helps you. The planner helps you set goals, plan your life and identify your strengths and weaknesses to aid future development. 

Once you get into each month and day by day pages it continues the theme of setting goals, identifying what helps get you to where you need to be and always makes you remember what makes you happy. It's like a constant reminder trying to train you to continue doing the things that make you happy.

The planner has so much space for reflection and you can even score yourself to your happiness rating for the month . It allows you to look over times that you have struggled and gives you an opportunity to write down how you overcame them so as to train your brain to solve it before it starts again. 

The whole planner really is a great way to help yourself, just concerntrate on you.

The July 2016-June 2017 that I have is normally £40.00 but as we are a little way into it, they are now on sale at £32.00. Or you can opt for the planners starting in January if you don't mind waiting a little longer to start your planner.

I love my The Happy Notes A5 notebooks. They come each with 100 pages in a gorgeous matte black and white design with gold foil embossed lettering on the front. They have lined paper on the right hand side with a little space for the date and blank pages on the left hand side, making them really versatile to do what you want with them. The Happy Notes are £8.00.

Or they also do Inspirational notepads with four different designs which are designed to help motivate, organise and achieve them all important goals. These are A5 in size, each with 50 sheets of paper.   

Each notepad is designed where the front cover is detached, making them a great deskpads to keep on display at all times, a constant reminder. They have a lovely peach colour theme which I think is rather calming in colour, and the same I feel with all the Happiness Planner goodies. 

So the themes of the pads are:
~ Get Fit & Healthy
~ Change a Habit in 30 Days
~ My Goals
~ Notes about My Life

The notepads are so simple but effective and really are a great addition to anyone's planner collection.

They are £7.00 each or you can purchase all four for £22.00. 

And if that wasn't enough then you may need some Inspirational colourful pencils with quotes on each one to go along with your goodies. (They are normal writing pencils, not colouring pencils). Aren't they so super adorable, they come in a lovely box with a matching gold sharpener and just add so much cuteness. These pencils are normally £12.00 but are on sale at £10.00. 

So to sum up, if you hadn't guessed already, I'm obsessed with all things Happiness Planner. Go check them out for yourself either on their UK site or US site. Let me know your favourites in the comments.

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope this blogpost has helped you in some way. 
Karen x 
JinksyBeauty x


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