Friday, 22 July 2016

New in Beauty: Loreal Pure Clay Masks

As a face masks addict I just had to try out all three of the new Loreal Pure Clay face masks, especially as they are only £5 each introductory price (RRP £7.99). I was so shocked when I saw the price tag, I definitely though they were going to be a little bit more expensive than that being in a glass jar and each having 10 full face applications.

Each pure clay mask has three pure clay ingredients of koalin, montmorillonite and ghassoul combined with an additional ingredient per mask to achieve different results. Depending on how much oil your skin excretes depends on which mask is right for your skin type. I have extremely oily skin and have found the. All to work for me in different ways. 

Pure Clay Purity Mask: this is the mint green coloured mask which is the best for oily skin. If you tend to have oily skin, this is the one for you. I have extremely oily skin and found this to work wonders, even makes my skin feel slightly dry straight after using. These masks all act really fast, and can be removed after 5-10 minutes. During the time this mask is on its gets super tight on the skin, which I love but it may not be for everyone, I couldn't barely smile! This mask is mattifying and purifying as it combines its clay with a Eucalyptus extract. My skin definitely feels instantly better, clean and the thing I love the most is that my makeup sits better and lasts longer on my skin. Massive bonus for me. 

Pure Clay Detox Mask: the black detox mask mixes its clays with charcoal as I'm sure you can tell by the colour. Charcoal is amazing at drawing out them impurities in the skin, detoxing and deeply cleansing + clarifying. This mask again was amazing on my oily skin, I have always enjoyed using charcoal based products. I didn't feel this did as much to my skin as the purity but it still had lovely refreshing and smoothing results. Definitely still worth at try and may work best out of all the new masks for your skin type. 

Pure Clay Glow Mask: last but definitely not least this mask is best for anyone with dry, dull, bumpy skin. The glow mask mixes its clays with Red Algae extract and has a completely different texture than the previous two masks. It contains beads that you can really feel while applying to the skin which help with its exfoliating actions. It helps to smoothen the skin, make it feel softer and brightens in its appearance. It definitely does all that, and still worked for me even though I'm of oily skin type. This is one I would use every so often to help give a boost of brightness to me skin. I'm lucky that I can get away with using all three masks so I'm super happy.

I highly recommend checking these masks out and at least picking one up to see how you get on with it. So head over to Boots right now to snap yours up and let me know how you get on and which is your favourite. Remember the best thing about these masks is you can multi mask! So if you have certain areas that require one treatment and others somethings else, you can place the mask exactly where you need it. Makes for great mask selfies!

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this post was helpful to you.
Karen x
JinksyBeauty x


Ali and Her said...

I really want to try these! As I'm getting older I'm deffo getting into skincare more. They seem like such a bargain for a fiver. Will be purchasing!

Amina xx

Karen Jinks said...

Snap. I have only become interested in skincare the last couple of years. Love these

K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy said...

I can't wait to get my hands on these. I definitely prefer cream/clay masks compared to cloth ones because like you mentioned, you can mix and match them to your face's specific needs.

Honor Ireland said...

I've been wanting to try these, so cheap too! Fab write up, definitely convinced me to try. xx

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