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July Favourites: Beauty & Lifestyle

It's been a while since I have done a favourites post, so there a a few things I want to share with you that I have been loving for the month of July. It is mostly going to include beauty items but I do have a few lifestyle bits and bobs to chuck in to share with you also.

Makeup ...

Nyx Butter Gloss: I have been so in love with Nyx cosmetics recently since its launch at Boots, but especially loving the Butter Gloss. I find they have great pigmentation, make my lips look plump and aren't at all sticky. I definitely want to expand my collection on these guys, so let me know any must have shades that I need in my collection. 

Benefit Cosmetics Brow: Now these new Benefit brow products aren't something I have actually tried out yet, but the month of July brought us amazing freebies from Benefit Cosmetics in the UKs magazines. So I have so far enjoyed gathering a few of their newbies and look forward to trying them all out. I now also have the goof proof pencil in a darker shade to add to my collection.


ITSY Nails: I'm always somebody who has something on my nails, I personally like to always have a colour or some sort of polish on my nails or I don't feel complete. So I'm always up for trying out new products to me. ITSY Nails* is a brand I hadn't heard of before and if I haven't had my gel nails on I have been using these. They are a DuraPro gel effect polish that come in a variety of shades. My shades from left to right in the above picture are Ooo La La, City Girl and Drop Red Gorgeous. I have been switching between the light pink and lilac which you may have seen if you follow my snapchat (jinksybeauty), and will definitely use the red more in the Autumn/Winter. Available here

Jamberry: Jamberry is a type of nail wrap that adds a beautiful pattern to one or all of your nails, they can really be used as you wish and make a fabulous fashion statement on your nails. I received my sample from the lovely Justyna from Stylish Nail Wraps UK, she has a lovely online shop or you can find her on Facebook and Instagram. I loved mine on my ring finger to add a different look to my nails, definitely recommend checking them out. 


Heaven by Deborah Mitchell: I received this product sample through The Bloggers Hangout which they recommended for my oily skin. It's the Heaven Peppermint Clarifying Hydrogel that can be used to Tone, Moistures and Prime the face. I have been using this during the hot humid days to cool my face and add moisture, aswel as a primer before my foundation. I've really enjoyed using this and feel it's sinks right into the skin and leaves it feeling smooth and hydrated. I have since received some more Heaven products after attending the BloggerTikiParty event, so look out for that post when I have fully tested them out. 

Sarah Chapman: Another luxury skincare brand I have been using during the month of July is the Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanser. I purchased this with my Birchbox points after reading amazing reviews on several websites. I use it as my second cleanser after removing all my makeup with a previous one, as this states not to use by the eyes. I love the scent and texture it leaves my skin, and love to leave it for a few extra minutes as an intense mask. 

Masque BAR: Sticking with the theme of masks I have tried out a fair few masks in the month of July, as you may have seen in my Loreal Mask post. But I have been also loving mainly sheet masks, with Masque BAR being one of my favourites. Even though the sight of me in sheet masks may scare my kids (I run around the house after them), i find them to really make a difference to my skins look and feel. 

Utan: This overnight tanning creme for the face was something initially I thought I wasn't going to get any use out of when I received it in my Glossybox, but I decided to give it a go. The first night I didn't see much difference at all to the colour on my face but after each night of use it added a natural tanned look that I was happy with. I think it helped the fact that I had tanned the rest of my body with the No7 tanning mousse, so it all tied in nicely. 

Merumaya: Merumaya is a beautiful skincare brand that not only shares amazing products but a fab message. They have created a hashtag to help give every man and women a boost - #beautyhasnoage! They want to share the love and make everybody feel great, inside and out. I think they are so fabulous at sharing this great feeling and strongly recommend you checking out their amazing products and great mentality for life. You can get one of your own Limited Edition bags* to help remind you each and everyday that age is just a number, we need to feel great in ourselves and help give everyone a boost when they feel they need it. Check it out here where you can purchase the bag or you can currently get it free if you spend over £50. Merumaya also have a fabulous Summer Sale going on right now! I adore the sound of the Pure Radiance Mask and the Spot Treatment.

Grounded: When I first spotted Grounded coffee scrub on a random Instagram post I thought it looked amazing, I was even more excited when I spotted we was going to be stocking it in Boots (where I work!). This beauty product is one of my favourite new things to try out. It's a really gritty feeling texture that when applied and left on the skin works to improve the softness and get rid of all them dead skin cells, perfect for a pre-tan treatment. I got mine in the Coconut scent*, which is beautiful and really adds to the luxury of this product. They also do other scents and additional products, with the face scrub being something on my WishList. Check them out here. 

The English Soap Company*: Now if I thought to myself about bars of soap they really just remind me of the older generation to be honest. But these beautiful vintage wrapped and stunningly scented English Soap company products are just gorgeous. Each one is packed with rich shea butter to add fab moisturisation to the skin while bathing or showering. They have so many amazing scents, you can check out their website here if you wish. 


Savse: I'm such a fussy eater and drinker so when it comes to trying out new things like that, it's a little challenging for me. I have recently tried out the Savse juices and smoothies. For me personally I much preferred the juices, especially the Apple as the smoothies are a little thick for my picky palette.

Dragonfly Teas: Now drinking tea for me hasn't happened since I was a little girl, I used to be obsessed with tea and then all of a sudden I didn't like it anymore. But now all 'the thing' is fruit and green teas. So I tried out these Dragonfly teas* which were lovely, I did have to leave them to cool down a lot before I felt like it was right to drink them but I'm sure everybody enjoys theirs differently. Check them out here. 

Delicious Alchemy: After awhile with out a cooker (the last one blew up), we have been trying our hand at some Baking. I adore Tanya Burrs baking book that I got recently and have been making some great successes with that. One that didn't really go to plan was the Delicious Alchemy Brownies*, it's of no fault to the company but purely to myself and my baking skills. Unfortunately I had never baked brownies before and these didn't really turn out looking the best as I either didn't put them in the right sized tin or didn't cook them long enough. BUT ... They tasted great! Haha

Reading: I have recently been trying to make more of an effort to make some me time, some chill out time. So to do this I have been doing some reading and purchasing a fair few books (to add to my Book/DVD Billy book cases from IKEA)! I find its one of the best things to try and stop my head from spinning around and around with my own world and puts my imagination onto something else, which leads me on to my next self help :) ...

Colouring: I'm literally obsessed with colouring, either with my daughter or in my own adult colouring books. So when I received some beautiful colouring postcards from Johanna Basford and a stunning The Time Garden colouring book at the BloggerTikiParty I was thrilled to say the least. I really do find this helps me, it lets me concerntrate, chill out and just generally love spending time on these.

Kitsound DAB Radio: And last but certainly not least, infact one of my favourite favourites is my beautiful Jive DAB Radio* from Kitsound. This piece of gorgeousness is living in my conservatory and has been used rather a lot of late, it's so fab that you literally just hit one button and my favourite radio station (Capital FM) is playing. I adore that it tells me what songs and artists are playing because I can then add my favourites onto my iMusic. It looks so pretty, sounds incredible and I'm generally so happy with it, great addition to the household, a must for everybody. Check them out here. 

Annndddd....that's that for my extremely long favourites post. Well done if you got to the end and thanks so much for sticking around. 
Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


Daisy Jones said...

wow so much to choose from, the radio gets my vote what a beauty!!
best Ashley x

Karen Jinks said...

It's so fab. I love it. Thanks for reading xxx

Victoria - Florence and Mary said...

I really need to get the Alice Chalk edition of that book!

I hope when you're colouring in you're using your Alice book! I love a theraputic hour with that.

Victoria x

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