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BritishBeautyBlogger: Origins Mix & Mask box

The fabulous BritishBeautyBlogger teamed up with Latest in Beauty box to bring us the amazing Origins Mix & Mask beauty box. It's an incredible box aimed to give us a masking wardrobe ... which is my idea of heaven! 

The Mix & Mask with Origins box was (massive was there as its now sold out sorry) only £20 including delivery and includes so many fabulous products to try out. Origins is a brand that I haven't tried much from but always wanted to as I'm skincare obsessed, with this box I can try out so many and it even includes two full sized products. 

Aswel as all the products they have also included a £10 voucher code to spend on the Origins website when you spend over £30 (which is easily done!). One mask that wasn't included in the box is their sheet mask, this I something I will look into purchasing to try out.

As soon as I spotted BritishBeautyBloggers Instagram post about this amazing box I had to snap it up. It contains a product I have recently been wanting to try, the Maskimizer Skin Optimizing Mask Primer! This product is full size and retails at £18.50 alone! So all the other goodies were basically a massive added bonus, as the box value is nearly covered just by that one product.

Another product included was the Clear Improvement active charcoal mask pod along with another three fab pods worth £2.50 each. I have heard great things about the Clear Improvement mask and can't wait to try this out. I noticed on Instagram a large amount of the boxes were 'supersized' and they included a Original skin pod as a bigger size tube. I hadn't heard about this until I saw others post about it, but many seemed to get this surprise, so they had an even better deal! Congrats ladies (or gents!). 

The other full sized item was the VitaZing SPF 15 Energy Boosting Moisturiser worth £29.00. WowZa, what a fab product to have in the box. It's a self adjusting tint to give dull skin a radiance boost. Sounds incredible, maybe not so much for my oily skin but I will definitely still give it a go. 

A product that really intrigues me is the By All Greens Foaming Deep Cleansing Mask!!! This contains green tea, spirulina and spinach in a clay base. When applying it turns from liquid to foam on the face. How amazing does that sound! Deluxe size worth £11.42. 

The Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask is a lot of people's holy grail face mask from what I have seen, so this 30ml tube is going to be great to see how it acts on my skin, and is worth £6.90. It gives a real splash of hydration to the skin from listening to previous reviews. 

And last but certainly not least is their brand new Ginzing Peel-off Mask which is literally metallic copper in colour! How exciting is this! The tube is 15ml worth £4.80 and I reckon I could probably get two uses out of it if I try. 

Soooooo what are your thoughts on this box. For £20 and with a box value of at least £80.62 depending on if you had this normal box or the supersized, I think you can probably tell I'm super impressed and can't wait to get started on my masking Origins journey. If you would like to see any of these masks in action then do make sure you follow me on my new Snapchat jinksybeauty.

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SammyGregory said...

Oh wow I need to get this box! I have been wanting to try most of these products! I love origins products from b-glowing that I have tried.

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