Thursday, 26 May 2016

Getting your body Spring/Summer ready ...

We all up our game when that sun starts peaking through, even if it is only a tiny peak! So getting our body's ready for Spring/Summer fashion trends can be a tricky one. So I thought you would all like to hear about the fabulous Urban Veda three step Reviving Body Ritual*.

The Reviving Body Ritual is a bodycare routine to help get the body smooth and soft, ready to show that tanned or not so tanned body. So will be altogether perfect to get the body prepped and ready for applying any fake tan or showing off any Snow Whiteness.

Reviving Body Wash: The first step is to massage the beautiful Rose scented Body Wash into damp skin, using circular motions. This helps to cleanse and nourish the skin and is packed with skin conditioning plant extracts, this creamy wash is the perfect first step in the pamper routine.

Reviving Body Scrub: Then follow up the the matching Body Scrub which contains a natural exfoliating volcanic pumice and milled peach seed powder. With its fabulous moisturing ingredients of Rosehip it adds great moisture balance to the skin, while getting rid of any dead skin cells or patchy areas on the body. The body scrub is important to help support healthy skin cell production!

Reviving Body Lotion: To help add the most nourishment to the skin, pat the body dry and add some Reviving Body Lotion on the needed areas of the body, concentrating on the legs and arms. The Reviving Body Lotion helps to hydrate and repair the body's skin with its many ingredients including Rosehip, Rose Damask Oil, Flower Water, Vitamin E, Geranium and more. It's jam-packed with natural botanical goodness for the skin.

To purchase this Reviving collection from Urban Veda simply visit or check out selected Fenwick stores. RRP £29.99. 

Karen x JinksyBeauty x 

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