Thursday, 19 May 2016

Disney Store Haul

I'm totally Disney mad, always have been, even before I had the kids! But now I have the perfect excuse to be super into all the cool Disney products out their, as my kids love Disney as much as me! Our dream is to one day go to Disney World Florida, savings pot needed! And we can never walk past a Disney Store without going in, we recently picked up a couple of gorgeous items....

We were soooooo excited to see the release of Disney Lego Minifigures recently and spotted them for the first time in the Disney Store at £2.50 each. I'm someone who will stand there feeling all the bags to see if I can tell who is inside, and think we did rather well at getting six different characters first time. We were especially happy to get Alice in Wonderland, as we are obsessed with all things Alice (As you can maybe tell!). We would love to get the Cheshire Cat minifigure but had no luck at being able to feel that one out (in the bag!)

As you can see from the top picture we brought a beautiful Alice in Wonderland T-Shirt for my daughter which wasn't too badly priced at £7.95. We then spotted the Alice Glass Compact Mirror!!! WowZa, just how beautiful is this? It's a definite must have!

This beautiful Alice in Wonderland compact mirror was such a good price at £9.95. It's soooo weighty and absolutely stunning, and I'm very jealous to say, it's my daughter's! .... I very much wanted one for myself!

We 100% need more Alice in Wonderland themed goodies, so please let me know the cute things you have spotted. Maybe we could do another Haul with all Alice in Wonderland products? 

I can't wait to see the new 'Through the looking glass' film at the end of the month and also still need to see the new Jungle Book, heard great things!

Thanks for popping by my mini Disney Store Haul today. Hope you enjoyed. 

Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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