Friday, 22 April 2016

My free Graze box ...

I've started a newbie subscription box, and this time it's not beauty related! As I'm not the best eater I thought I would push myself to try some new things. Graze box seemed the perfect option as it sends a different variety of healthy snacks direct through your door.

I spotted a code online where I could try the first box for free, no ties, no commitment and could cancel at any time. So I signed up with that code and this is my first free box, each other box is still only £3.99 delivered. 

After signing up I went through the options to deselect certain foods that I didn't want to be sent, like bananas and olive boxes. You can also select if you want a variety box which is what I want for, a light box of the lowest calorie snacks or protein box. After you have started their are many more options of boxes to pick, it's so easily customisable.

With Graze box you can decide if you want it delivered twice a week, once a week or fortnightly depending on how many snacks you want delivered. You can even pick the day of the week your box will arrive. I opted for the once a week for now, but it can be changed at any time. 

They also have a Bin, Try, Like and Love button under each different snack (there is over 150 different snacks), so you can let Graze know you preferences. If you select Bin they won't ever send you that snack. 

I really wanted to try the a Toffee Apple snack box, so I selected Love on that and it got sent in my first box to try. The more you rate products the better Graze box knows you, and knows what to send. 

I'm so impressed so far and think it's definitely something I'm going to carry on with for a while to see how it goes. It's so worth, even if you just do it to get your free box, to see how you get on.

I have a code that can gain my friends and family to get their first, fifth and tenth boxes for free! How amazing is that! So as you are all my friends, I will pass this on to you. Use this link to sign up and you will automatically gain this fab deal. Or use the code PC9G4CY5B. 

Let me know if you sign up and thanks so much for stopping by. Speak soon
Karen x JinksyBeauty x 


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