Monday, 14 March 2016

#TheMeltCrowd + New Flamingo Candle

One of my favourite subscription boxes arrived #TheMeltCrowd with a gorgeous colourful Easter theme! This box always smells amazing the second it comes through the door without even opening the box, so you know it a winner. This month was my 9th box with Flamingo Candles so they like to celebrate and reward you for staying with them with an extra gift, I had the Candyfloss melt (Love it!)

The main star of the show in this box however was the perfect Bunny Kisses melt, this smells absolutely divine and is one of my favourites scents yet. Bunny kisses is their Easter scent (obviously) with fragrance notes of juicy rhubarb and creamy caramel vanilla custard, just like one of my favourite sweets! The melt itselfs comes moulded like a cute bunny which is adorable.

This months melt crowd was full of exciting and exclusives scents to the box, some of which really must be changed to being permanent as they are so beautiful. 

In my box this month:
Spring Break - The Melt Crowd Preview
B.A.R.E. Ylang Ylang & Bergamot essential oils - The Melt Crowd Preview
Spearmint - The Melt Crowd Exclusive
Bunny Kisses
French Lime Blossom - The Melt Crowd Exclusive
Mango & Dragonfruit
Easter Egg - The Melt Crowd Exclusive
Very Vanilla - The Melt Crowd Exclusive
Candyfloss - My 9th month Birthday Present

I love all these scents except the B.A.R.E. melt which for some reason that range doesn't agree with my nostrils. Bunny kisses is the number one favourite for me followed closely by French Lime Blossom and Very Vanilla.

#TheMeltCrowd is amazing value and is only £10 a month delivered straight to and through your door.

I was very lucky to receive a lovely surprise Easter present from Flamingo Candles with the new Bunny Kisses candle and little Lindt choc treats*! I have to say from all the parcels I have received lately this was one of the most exciting and I even felt quite emotional when opening it as it was something I really wanted and felt so grateful for.  

The Bunny Kisses candle has the sweetest design on the front with a mirrored effect bunny and little pink heart. The colour of this candle is absolutely perfect for Easter and Spring with its bright lemon wax prettiness and I love the change up of the candle top, with this special edition being white instead of the usual black lid. 

All Flamingo Candles are hand poured in the UK using natural soy wax, each classic shaped candle have a fab burn time of up to 50 hours and come in the cutest jars that I always keep hold of! They are amazing for storage of so many things as they look so super pretty, or even to hold your makeup brushes!

The Bunny Kisses candle costs £12.00 and for an extra £4.00 you can have it personalised with up to 12 letters engraved in the lid. These make an 'eggcellent' gift for Easter instead of or as well as an Easter egg, so you have the option for luxury gift wrap with a tag and ribbon for an extra £2.00 also. Perfect! The Bunny Kisses melt can also be purchased for £2.00 each ...... (I need a bunny family!)

Thanks for stopping by today! Hope you have a lovely day!
Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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