Monday, 14 March 2016

New in Beauty: NKD Clay Mask PINK

Brand new out today! The NKD PINK clay mask* is available to buy now from NKDBODY.COM. This is the latest release from the already amazing brand nkdbody that are famous for incredible face masks, body scrubs, hair treatments and more.

I already have the NKD face clay mask* which helps to cleanse the skin, clearing it out of any dirt and grime. NKD have the next step the NKD black which is definitely what I'm needing, this focuses on revitalising the skin. The NKD pink is the final step skin restoration which helps to heal, repair and tackle any unwanted wrinkles. Any skin type can use these masks with their 99% natural ingredients and fab main ingredient Kaolin clay, but as with all face masks a small skin test should always be taken out to be on the safe side. Each mask is $17.95 AUD which us approximately £9.50 each. 

NKD body is a 100% Australian made and owned, vegan and never been tested on animals. Shipping in Australia is free and is extra for shipping outside of Australia depending on location. All information is on

Let me know your favourite face masks you have tried in the comments.
Karen x JinksyBeauty x 
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