Monday, 14 March 2016

New in Beauty: Batiste

Batiste have always been massive leaders in the market with their amazing dry shampoos. With funky packaging, super fab smells and a product that really works, they have always been a winner for me. I love that Batiste are always releasing new and exciting products, whether it be new scents of their famous dry shampoo's or their new line of haircare styling products. I have the newbies Batiste Sweetie and Marrakech* dry shampoos. 

Batiste dry shampoos are a no water formulation that targets excess oil and grease from our hairs roots. They are a great refresh for the hair between washing and fab at creating much needed volume in my hair. The Batiste range has so many great fragrances with some of my favourites being tropical and cherry until now.....sweetie has joined the running!

Batiste sweetie dry shampoo is infused with notes of raspberry and vanilla, as with all the range it helps add body and texture to the hair. To apply you shake the can and is advised to hold the can approx 30cm away from the hair to spray, you then get the trademark white/grey roots! I have very dark brown dyed hair so for me it takes a bit of massaging in before that disappears but it's so worth it. Personally I don't brush it out like it states you can do as I have curly hair and find that's fine for me. 

Batiste Marrakech dry shampoo has a Morrocan theme with an aromatic flavour, this decadent fragrance is spicy and vibrant. I love how beautifully Batiste design their bottles, they look so fab and always look good sitting on my dressing table. Well done to the Batiste design team.

Which are your favourite Batiste scents? Let me know in the comments below.

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