Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Crowd Colour Palette + MakeupGeek

At the end of this post I guarantee you will be clicking over to the fabulous Crowd Colour, creating and  playing around making your own personalised palette. Just how amazing is it that you can click on a site, create something beautiful, view it on your screen, tweak it as you want, purchase and then it comes straight to your front door!

Crowd colour are a lovely company that bring your own creations to life on their fabulous products. They have beautifully made, sturdy empty magnetic palettes in a range of sizes (small, medium and large), you pick your size and if you want it to be white or black and then create away! My palette here is the Medium black palette* (£14.00). I'm so super please with the quality of the palette, not at all flimsy and the fact that it has a great sized mirror on the inside top part is perfect. 

The front can be designed however you so wish! I went for a gold glitter with a uplifting Disney quote along with my blog name. But the possibilities are endless! You can use their pre-designed templates or upload a photo straight from your computer so you can really personalise it, really making it your creation. They are so amazing as you can create your palette on the outside and also put exactly what you want on the inside as well. 

The great thing about these empty palettes is that you don't need to except that shade that you will never use, that matte shade that's too chalky as you pick the best pans to suit you. All in one place! You can put eyeshadow pans (like I have), blushes, lipstick pans, bronzers, whatever you like and more.

I had always wanted to try out some Makeup Geek cosmetics so when the opportunity came to fill my pretty palette I knew it had to be some Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans. The best place to buy these in the UK is from beautybay.com which also stocks so many other fabulous brands that I need in my life!

Each pan fit in so well, quick and easy as they magnetically attract right in the spot you position it in and are so easily moved if you want to change your palette around. I watched many videos on Makeup Geek swatches and picked my five top favs to put in my palette first, the medium palette will easily fit fifteen of the Makeup Geek eyeshadow pans which is fab. So.... which other shades do I need to add to my palette?

I'm super happy so far with the shades I picked for my palette. Showing from left to right:
Shimma Shimma, Creme Brûlée, High Tea, Cocoa Bear and Bitten.

I'm going to thoroughly enjoy filling my palette and will continue to share it as it fills up so you can see what I add. I would love to create another Crowd Colour palette in the future, the process was so simple and easy to do. I adore the pre-made template designs in their Rustic Wedding Collection, I think these would look amazing on the white palette. Go check out the Crowd Colour website for yourself, you can create your own palette just how you want! 

Do let me know in the comments what you think to my palette so far and what you suggest I need to add. Any other pans you recommend? 

Thanks. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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