Monday, 8 February 2016

Valentines Flamingo Candles #TheMeltCrowd box

One of my favourite subscription boxes off the month has arrived through my letterbox, the Flamingo Candle #TheMeltCrowd box. As February is Valentines month the box has a bright pink love theme with some adorable heart shaped melts included. Love them....

I really enjoy Flamingo Candles themed boxes, I think it adds to the excitement each month with my favourite so far being the Christmas box from last year, the cute flamingo decoration from that box is sitting beautiful in my daughter Amber's bedroom.

Normally each month I have a little card enclosed giving me a list of each melt included and if it's an exclusive scent to the box etc, but for some reason mine was missed out this month so I can't tell you that. One thing I will say is that I don't recommend the Espresso scent unless your a fan of the strong coffee smell, as it is too overpowering and is all I can smell on the other melts in the box at the moment. 

This months box included:
Cherry Slush
Kir Royale Cocktail 
Pink Lemonade
Acari Berry
Bamboo & White Grapefruit 
2 Hearts Love Bug

So apart from the Espresso melt, the rest of the box was a hit and all scents I would use. I adore all the packaging and flamingo theme that Flamingo Candles have, the melts always look incredible sitting in my large glass sweet jar on display in my house. I especially love the candles from them which made it into my January Favourites.

The Flamingo Candles #TheMeltCrowd box costs £10 a month, paid via PayPal. Let me know your favourite scent that was included in this months box in the comments below.

Karen x JinksyBeauty x 


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