Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Perfect Valentines!

I'm a massive fan of Valentines Day, even though I know some aren't. I love that it's an excuse to share some love with your partner, friends or family. So I have just a few items to share that help to make a perfect Valentines complete. 

Firstly you need to set the mood if your at home with an amazing candle! I have the beautifully stunning Love Bug personalised candle* by one of my favourite candle companies Flamingo Candles. This Love Bug pink glitter candles scent is described as a sweet strawberry sherbet delight, and it truly is a delight.....just look at it! 

Candle = £12.00. Personalisation = £4.00. Available on

Now we have the room smelling just perfect, we need a fabulous scent for us to wear!

The Leighton Denny in Light & Dark Lively* is a unisex fragrance making it perfectly shareable for everyone. Its a warm and spicy scent with a beautiful shaped bottle complete with a faceted bottle top as seen here.  

Light & Dark Lively is described as a day time scent, which I think for a man is correct but as its so spicy I think it would be more ideal for a lady of a nighttime. Perfect for a valentines evening! It's top notes of citrus blend well into warm spicy nutmeg, ginger, cardamom and pepper. 

Lively can be purchased on for £43.50 (70ml).

Now the place and everybody are smelling great, us ladies need to be looking our best! So the next must have is a stunning lipstick...

The Glo & Ray La Amo creamy shimmer lip colour in Honey* is a perfect romantic pinky nude to make out lips look full and plump without too much overpowering colour. This lipstick is super creamy as the name would suggest, which feels comfortable on the lips without any tackiness or drying.

The lipstick bullet itselfs looks incredible with its vibrant red colour and has some heavy weight to it adding to the luxury feel of this product. The full range is available on 

La Amo lipstick £12.00. 

Now your ready to enjoy you evening! Don't forget some sneaky snacks for later! My favourite newbie is the Galaxy Golden Eggs, I adore these best straight from the fridge but do be careful of your teeth if you do do this! Don't want any dentist trips on my head! Haha

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope this gives you so inspiration for the big day tomorrow. Have fun! 

See you soon. 
Karen x JinksyBeauty x 



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