Friday, 15 January 2016

Flamingo Candles #TheMeltCrowd Box

January's Flamingo Candles #TheMeltCrowd box arrived recently, which is always a lovely post day. This fab subscription box is £10 a month delivered straight through the letter box and contains eight beautiful melts. Last months box for Christmas was the best yet, if you haven't seen that review you really must check it out. 

This months scents:

Crystal Mountain Water
B.A.R.E Orange & Lemongrass Essential Oils
B.A.R.E Cinnamon & Mandarin Essential Oils
Strawberry Jam
Pink Denim
Baby Powder

This months box actually contained for the first month scents I wasn't so keen on. Pretty good going considering this is my seventh box I have received from them. Their was three scents that weren't my cup of tea, they were the two new B.A.R.E scents and the whisky melt. Not a problem, I just gave them away.

My two absolute favourite scents from the box was Coconut and Baby Powder, such fresh and clean scents that I can't wait to burn. What's your favourite melt scents?

Still one of my favourite subscription boxes that come to me door, I didn't mind at all that their were scents that weren't to my taste this month. Maybe they should do a survey after each box is received so people can tick like or dislike on each melt for their future reference and market research. 

Thanks for stopping by. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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