Friday, 22 January 2016

Mini Feel Unique Haul...

I was on the look out for a new cleansing micellar water recently after using lots of different brands from Boots where I work. I had always heard good things about Bioderma and when a Feel Unique offer came through on my emails I had a nosey on there at the one for Oily skin! 

The Bioderma Sebium H20 is great for cleansing and removing makeup quickly and easily on a cotton pad. I purchased mine on Feel Unique in the 250ml size but they also stock a cute 100ml and larger 500ml sizes. I have had a previous micellar water in a 500ml and that just seemed to last too long and I felt my skin got too used to it half way through, so opted for this size so I can keep changing it up. RRP £10.99 250ml.

I have been using this Bioderma for a week now and im loving it so far, it doesn't sting or irritate my skin in anyway but removes my face makeup with ease and I love that it's aimed at oily skin for my skin type. It contains purifying agents, zinc and copper sulphate to help purify and limit the sebium secretion that us oily skin types suffer with. 

My only issue is like with most micellar waters I still struggle to remove my mascara as I do like to build mine up so it is rather difficult to remove. So I tend to do my full cleanse at my sink of a nighttime with either my Nip & Fab Deep Cleansing Fix which I adore or my Super Facialist Vitamin C oil along with a flannel to remove my makeup and then go over with the Bioderma for a double cleanse. I then also use the Bioderma of a morning to freshen up and remove any oil build up from a nighttime. 

What are your favourite skincare products? Any other recommendations for me to try?

I have always loved Urban Decay eyeshadows but up until now have only ever had them in palettes, so I thought I would try out a single shadow from their moon dust line. I have swatched nearly all the eyeshadows in stores many times before and always remembered Diamond Dog sticking out to me so I purchased this along side my Bioderma to qualify for the save £5 when you spend £20 email offer. RRP £14 each. 

Diamond dog is a a moon dust eyeshadow which are super fine pigments with micro fine iridescent sparkle through out. This shade is a perfect everyday easy shade for me which I would describe as a medium brown/taupe with champagne/silver sparkle. They are super soft and best applied with your finger tip to keep the intensity of the shadow. 

The very first day of wearing this I applied all over the lid and was slightly disappointed, it wasn't as intense as I had remembered swatching instores and thought it would have more glitter show through. But for some reason when I applied it the second day it was a whole other story, I loved it! Whether or not you have to get through the first layer that is sealed in I'm not too sure, or I had just not seen it in the best light. But I much prefer the look it creates now and have worn it many days since. It's a quick and easy look to apply all over the lid, blend the edges and gives a lovely dazzling effect. 

I would now love to try more single Urban Decay shadows, are there any you can recommend me trying? I have previously seen the build your own palettes which I would adore, so defo want to put one of them in to my collection one day to add my favourite UD eyeshadows into it. If you haven't seen them already then they are an empty palette which has four spaces to add you UD shadows, you can pop each shadow out of it case and keep them together in a gorgeously designed palette. Do tag me in any pictures if you have already done this, I would love to see.

Thanks so so much for reading this post today, I hope you enjoyed it. Do let me know in the comments your favourite type of posts so I can work on getting the best content on here for you! 

Karen x JinksyBeauty x


Sunday, 17 January 2016

January's Glossybox contents....

January's Glossybox for me wasn't a winner I'm afraid, it contained five full size products which is fab but all that I won't get use out of. Glossybox is an amazing box if you don't already have many beauty products or you want to try out random brands out. For me they include too many brands that I haven't heard of, which some may say is good but I prefer to have more well known brands personally.

Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick in the shade Coral Onyx: This lipstick claims to have 8 hour wear with its satin matte finish. Its a lovely shade but nothing different than I already have in my collection. I have done a light swatch to show you but this will be an items like all in this months box that I will be passing on. As all the products in this months box were full size the prices given on the information card reflect the true value, so I will give you a box total at the end. RRP £11.93

Glossybox Eyeshadow in shade glossy mauve: As I have been having a huge sort out of my beauty collection I will only keep hold of eyeshadows that I'm truely going to get use out of or unique shades. This shade will be perfect for most though as mauve is a very in shade right now, I just have similar in palettes. RRP £7.10

Angele Paris red nail lacquer: a nice shade red polish from a brand I'm not familiar with. My favourite nail polish brand is Barry M cosmetics, I adore the gelly range they stock. And again without trying to sound too negative I'm not going to keep this as its not needed for me. Someone else I'm sure will get use out of it, should I start a blog sale? RRP £6.32

Madara Cellular Repair Serum: A serum aimed to plump skin while boosting hydration and radiance. I have been loving my skincare routine of late so I wouldn't want to upset it by adding in a different product into it. I think if this had been a brand I knew of I would have kept it to try out. Do let me know if you received Glossybox and your thoughts on this product! RRP £38

Unani Dermo Defense Face Mask: If you have been following me a while you will know I'm a massive face mask lover, but for some reason this doesn't appeal to me. It's a herbal based clear gel mask to be applied once or twice a week. RRP £11.36

So the box total of these five items in Glossybox this month was £74.71, which sounds amazing when the box is only £10 a month plus p&p. But only good if your going to use the products. I get beauty boxes to share on my blog so you guys can see the box contents and decide if it's for you. Do let me know your thoughts on this months Glossybox and if there are any other boxes you would rather see on JinksyBeauty. If you would like me to carry on sharing Glossybox where I just explain each product rather than my use for it I can do.

Karen x JinksyBeauty x


Friday, 15 January 2016

Flamingo Candles #TheMeltCrowd Box

January's Flamingo Candles #TheMeltCrowd box arrived recently, which is always a lovely post day. This fab subscription box is £10 a month delivered straight through the letter box and contains eight beautiful melts. Last months box for Christmas was the best yet, if you haven't seen that review you really must check it out. 

This months scents:

Crystal Mountain Water
B.A.R.E Orange & Lemongrass Essential Oils
B.A.R.E Cinnamon & Mandarin Essential Oils
Strawberry Jam
Pink Denim
Baby Powder

This months box actually contained for the first month scents I wasn't so keen on. Pretty good going considering this is my seventh box I have received from them. Their was three scents that weren't my cup of tea, they were the two new B.A.R.E scents and the whisky melt. Not a problem, I just gave them away.

My two absolute favourite scents from the box was Coconut and Baby Powder, such fresh and clean scents that I can't wait to burn. What's your favourite melt scents?

Still one of my favourite subscription boxes that come to me door, I didn't mind at all that their were scents that weren't to my taste this month. Maybe they should do a survey after each box is received so people can tick like or dislike on each melt for their future reference and market research. 

Thanks for stopping by. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


Thursday, 14 January 2016

Birchbox x Pinterest

New Year and New Box with January's Birchbox arriving, and it has a Pinterest theme with a lovely addition of an arty postcards pack. And that wasn't the only bonus item in this months box! We also received a Birchbox #NOfilter compact mirror, that everyone got in their box. 

So they were lovely extras as I do like a little variety in my boxes each month. Birchbox is fab at £10 a month plus p&p and you get some amazing Birchbox points, my favourite part. If you don't know already once you have received your box and tried out your selection of products you then complete surveys which gives you extra Birchbox points each month. Them points can then be used to buy full size or choose from many different items in the Birchbox eshop, which contains some amazing brands. I adore the Skinnydip and This Works range they have at the moment. If you do want to sign up to Birchbox make sure you use my link at the end of the post so you can gain an extra £5 Birchbox points. 

On to the most exciting item in everyone's box this month.....

I was extremely excited that every box contains the new Benefit cosmetics product, They're Real tinted primer! This incredible product is to be applied from root to tip before applying your regular mascara to prep the lashes and give extra definition and volume. It can also be used alone for a soft day time look if wanted. Full size of this product retails for £18.50. 

My bag inside my Birchbox was rather full with other beautiful samples also, I was thrilled to receive the Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream as this is a brand I haven't tried anything from yet. It's full of vitamins and minerals, helping with those dry hands. (Update: I can now confirm this hand cream is incredible, hands feel ace!) Full size of this is £15. 

Inside my Birchbox was a full size Jelly Pong Pong brightening eye pencil worth £14.95. I adore this type of pencil for using in my waterline to create a wide awake bright eye and on the inner corner also. 

Next was a Parlor duo of a moisturising shampoo and conditioner deluxe samples. I do like to keep this sort of thing in my samples drawers for fab minis when travelling. Perfect sizes so as to not take big bulky items in luggage. 

I wasn't excited by the look of the Absolution cleansing water but I will try it out, and too be fair it sounds fab with its ingredients including hazelnut oil and aloe vera. Stay tuned for an empties to see what I think of it. 

Next months Birchbox will contain a debut of Birchboxes brand new and exclusive makeup brand called LOC (a.k.a Love of Color.). Super exciting. 

What are you thoughts on this months box? I would love to hear what you received if your a subscriber. Not a subscriber but want to sign up? Use this link to gain your extra £5 Birchbox points.

Thanks. Karen x JinksyBeauty x 

Monday, 11 January 2016

Simple Candle Co: Wax Melts

Bored of some melts not giving you the strong scent you require? Then check out Simple Candle Co*, I have been thoroughly enjoying these amazing melts since they came through the door recently. Each melt has a fantastic and beautiful fragrance, which are definitely great contenders for the best throw of scent I have tried out so far.

I opted for the winter scents but they also stock many more incredible sounding melts and candles which are all handmade in the UK. Fireside scent has always been a candle scent I have gravitated towards when picking up candles instore to sniff and that scent in particular really didn't disappoint, another favourite of mine from this selection is Pomegranate Spice. 

But after a family vote the first melt that was picked to be burnt was the Winter Berries. I couldn't believe how quickly the scent filled the room and considering I went straight through to the conservatory after lighting (which my hubby was in the room before you say 'never leave a burning candle') I could even smell it from in there which was two rooms away.

I have tried many of the other scents since and none have disappointed. Simple Candle Co do a monthly wax box with 8 melts which is £10 delivered to your door, perfect! I definitely recommend you checking them out on or via their Instagram which is where I discovered them. 

Let me know your favourite scents and the company you use for candles or melts the most. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today, it means so much. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

Friday, 8 January 2016

Get your Love Me Beauty box Half Price!

I'm absolutely loving the Love Me Beauty box* and concept right now. Bye bye to all the surprise beauty boxes that you end up with random stuff you don't want and hello to picking your own contents. And what's even better is I have a code for you to get this fab box for half price. Stay tuned till the end, or scroll down if you want to! Haha

The first thing that I have been wanting to try out for so long was the DrPawPaw tinted ultimate red balm, a multipurpose soothing balm for lips, cheeks and more. With Love Me Beauty box you get 60 credits to spend on what you like and this was only 10 credits, and if you want more credits you can pick an add on package. I have been loving using this balm, it's so moisturising with a gorgeous slight hint of colour. This is definitely a fab product to keep in my cosmetic bag in my handbag for when my lips are screaming for something. 

The next product was from a brand I had never heard of MOA which is the Magic Organic Apothecary found at Now this product has blown me away, I'm absolutely obsessed with it. It's called a Green Bath Potion with peppermint and fennel, and it smells incredible to me! So calming and relaxing it's unreal. You only need a very small amount in your bath and it fills the room with its amazing fragrance. It helps to de-stress the mind and relieve aches and pains, and it's herbal blend really softens my skin. So impressed by this, I need more! This magical potion is only 20 credits. 

Another brand I wasn't familiar with but a lovely product is the Omnisens body lotion, 10 credits on the boutique. This has left my skin smooth n soft and I love that it sinks right into the skin straight away, no stickiness or waiting around for drying time. Fab product.

And lastly is the Eyes of Horus goddess mascara, which I own an eye pencil from this brand from a blogger meet which is amazing. A fab full size product that is worth 20 credits on the beautiful boutique. I adore that you can see exactly what you want in the online store and pick out the exact items you know you will use each time, and it's easily cancelled if not as its taken out once a month. 

I have a fabulous discount code for you to get your first box for half price, use the code karen50 to gain this amazing deal. Do let me know what items you go for and tag me in your posts if you put it on social media etc. So check out now!

Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


Thursday, 7 January 2016

Dollibox: Beauty Delivered To Your Door!

December brought a new beauty box to my door to try out, the cutely packaged and adorable Dollibox*! They recently contacted me to see if I would like to share this fab box with you, so after seeing other peoples box contents I quickly said yes. I know that you all love beauty boxes and with the leading Birchbox and Glossybox sometimes winning and sometimes a little disappointing, you start looking elsewhere for a newbie to discover.

Dollibox for December has a variety of lovely products with a total box value of nearly £35, it costs just a month £10 plus p&p like most standard boxes in the UK. It includes in box cards telling us great in depth information and pricing on each product which I found very useful. 

The product I was super excited about trying out was the Freeman Beauty Bare Foot foot cream in Lavender and Mint. Dollibox supplied us with a one time use sachet in this box worth £1.50 but it can also be purchased in a full size tube costing £4.25 if you love it. 

I adored this product for sure! I loved the scent and with the added tea tree oil it really sank into my skin and created a cooling sensation when applied. Their was plenty of cream left after I rubbed it in my feet initially so I plopped it on thicker without rubbing in and wore some thick socks to really allow the product to work its magic more. But you can just apply it more up your legs if you wish. Loved it!

I was excited to see a soap in the Dollibox as it isn't something I own too much of, I definetly think I need a little soap dish now thought so any suggestions on nice places to get one would be fab. My soap was by the company Barenaturals in the scent Pomegranate and Pink Grapefruit which smells amazing, slightly peppery even. It's 100% vegan, 100% natural and 100% eco friendly. £3.65.

A makeup product in the box came from the brand Model Co which I have tried before and liked. It's a highlighting trio that can be used across the top of the cheeks bones, as part of your eyeshadow routine or just under the brow bone to give some added dazzle. All three colours are beautiful, I will definetly be getting some use out of this. £14.00. 

I'm always on the look out for something to improve my hairs health, so the Osmo intensive deep repair mask sounds perfect. It's a fab price at only £3.00 and smells gorgeous with ingredients like jojoba, patchouli oil and ylang ylang. It's a nourishing treatment to help restore moisture to the hair and elasticity, and perfect for anyone who suffers with greasy hair as helps to control excess sebum production. 

And lastly was a Spanish skincare brand Anubis cleansing mousse containing Vitamin C which is fab to help give a radiant glow to the skin. It's a silky foam best applied to slightly wet skin, massaged in and washed off. It helps to give added moisture and cleanse the face helping to protect against free radicals. £12.00. 

Dollibox can be found on all the social media links shown in the above picture and you can sign up or just check them out on I thought this box was lovely and the products are fab, just need my cute soap dish holder now. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Thanks for stopping up on JinksyBeauty is the Love Me Beauty box. 
Karen x JinksyBeauty x 

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