Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Gift Guide: Stationary & Books

Welcome to my first Gift Guide! I want to first apologise for my lack of blogposts and how late this one is, sadly due to sickness. I have gathered together some gift ideas that I love and think would make lovely presents for yourself and others. 

I'm a massive follower of lots of gorgeous Youtubers and I love buying their books to have in my collection and to support them. The Fleur De Force Glam Guide book is perfect for any Beauty and Fashion lover. The book is super cute and has absolutely amazing illustrations. Another favourite which covers those things and more is the Tanya Burr Love Tanya book. This is fab as it has all things fab like beauty, fashion, advice, personal and an ace baking section. I can't wait for Tanya's baking book to come out next year, will definitely be purchasing. 

Another amazing lady I follow on YouTube is Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter, her book is an amazing one to check out also but I love my diary that she brought out. A very kind friend brought this for me and sent it to me when I couldn't locate it earlier in the year, I'm so glad she did as it's super beautiful and well thought out. It's so motivating and different to any of diary I have ever owned, with quotes and hashtags to use throughout the year. You really must check it out. 

Moving on to some personalised stationary which is always a lovely gift for any time of the year. I have had my Personal Planner for a couple of months now and have really been enjoying using it and decorating it with planner stickers/accessories. I loved that I created it all myself online from the front/back cover, layout, colours and so much more. The personal planners are available in a few different shapes and sizes to suit all. 

Another place that does amazing personalised stationary is Chroma Stationary, their notepads always look incredible. Chroma Stationary have a newbie to their line with personalised pens*, these are a fab pressie idea and are only £2.50. Go check their website out and let me know what you would create. 

A fab idea for all the family is Adult Colouring books! Myself, my husband and my kids all love them. They are super pretty, great for relaxing and keeps my house quiet. We have a number of different colouring books but a newer and beautiful one is the Joanna Basford Lost Ocean book*. It has incredible illustrations and fab theming. 

If you do have kiddies in your life or just adore some amazing kids books then Pavilion Books have two lovely options to share. A special 150th Anniversary edition of the beautiful Alice's Adventures in Wonderland which contains absolutely amazing watercolour illustrations and is a stunning gift. RRP £9.99*. Another is a Classic story of Christmas with a Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens brought to life by Quentin Blake illustrations. RRP £12.99*.

And lastly for the Beauty lover who like to create their own natural beauty remedies, the Neals Yard Remedies Beauty Book. So many fab ideas and ways to make all manor of things from lip balm, skincare and my favourite Bath Bombs. 

That's it! I hope you enjoyed my first gift guide, I haven't included many links as most these can be purchased in different locations so just google them if your interested at all. 

Thanks so much for stopping by, I hope your all enjoying the festiveness of December and remember to watch as many Christmas films that you get time for! Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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