Friday, 9 October 2015

September Empties

Gosh how behind am I? Only just completing my empties post for September. I will try and become more organised I promise but I seem to have so many post waiting to be posted. Here is my mini empties from the month of September. 


No7 Beautiful Skin Wipes: I have rather a few packs of these as I do purchase them when the No7 vouchers are on at Boots. They are one of the better wipes I have tried as they stay moist but I know in a ideal world a skincare expert would tell you not to use wipes on your face. But some nights I get rather lazy and can't complete my whole skincare routine when I get too tired, so these come out. I also will just use them for wiping my hands clean or my sides after applying my makeup.

Halo Eye makeup remover pads: I first tried Halo when I received a package at a Bloggers event and have since brought more from Superdrug and Boots. These little handy packs are ideal when the last bits of mascara don't seem to be coming off, so I keep them in my top dressing table drawers. 

Soap & Glory Micellar water: I purchased this when it was on sale as they had repackaged and made some of their skincare into larger sizes now. It was just ok, I didn't think it was anything special and wasn't great for getting my many layers of mascara off. Please do leave me your best Micellar water suggestions in the comments below. I'm super excited to try my Bioderma that arrived today in my Birchbox.

Quickies nail polish remover pads: I think I spoke about these I my last empties as I use rather a lot of them. They are a must for me, I can't be bothered with the separate pads and nail polish remover anymore so I use these a lot. 

Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara: my new favourite mascara. I absolutely love this mascara and I'm soooo sad my mini has come to an end. I would definitely repurchase when I have ran out of my many mascara I have to use. If you haven't tried this mascara you need to!

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer: another holy grail product for me, I can't be without it. I'm actually rather a little panicked that I haven't got a back up at the moment, but it's a great buy at just over £4. I always get the shade 1 which is the lightest and will continue to purchase this for a long time. Please never get rid of it Collection.

Urban Decay Naked skin foundation sample: the first time I used this foundation I didn't like it. It's extremely runny and found it difficult to apply. But for some reason i preferred it each time I used it, it's great coverage but its not too thick and heavy on the skin.


Nanokeratin refining shampoo and mask samples*: these sample sachets were sent to me for review but as I couldn't try it for very long with just having sachets so I couldn't really give a great in depth review to see any difference in my hair. They made my hair clean as you would expect and the mask was a lovely consistency, not too heavy on my thin, curly, coloured and damaged hair. I need a miracle on my hair at the moment as its in such bad condition and shape, but unfortunately this wasn't it. 

Batiste stylist texturising spray and frizz off spray: I enjoyed both these products and have previously talked about them so won't go into depth. The texturing spray was my favourite and would purchase that again. I had a slight issue with the frizz off spray as it kept spraying when I wasn't pressing down on it but this happens from time to time with these pressurised sprays. 

Lee Stafford Argan Oil hairspray: I brought rather a few of these as they were in a great deal in Boots. They didn't last very long for each can thought as you can see, the one thing I didn't like about it was the smell. I do think it smelt rather like a mans products but it was lovely in the hair. Didn't leave it feeling heavy or sticky at all which you find with a lot of other hairsprays. 

Fudge Urban hairspray: I tried this on my hair and it such a strong hold that it instantly dried it out. But it was fab on my sons hair and he is continuing to use the stash we had of these. He has very short hair and it just adds that volume, texture and spiked look that he likes. 

Percy & Reed voluminous hair oil: this is perfect for fine hair so caught my attention as soon as I saw it in  one of my beauty boxes. I have to say I did really like this oil, it helped to volumise and unlike most oils can be used right from the roots of the hair. It didn't create any greasiness when I applied and I would recommend anyone with thinner hair to try it out. 

That's it for my empties, not as big as my last one. I'm not doing over well so far this month at finishing up products so will try and make a push at it for the rest of the month. 

Thanks so much for stopping by today. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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