Sunday, 18 October 2015

Busy Bee Candles: Magik Beanz Review

Autumn is a beautiful season and one of my favourite seasons when it's not too cold! But one thing that makes me very happy during the Autumn season is ... candles and melts. Busy Bee Candles have an amazing selection of scents and products but I have only so far tried out the Magik Beanz which are tiny wax melts. I absolutely adore these Magik Beanz so much, they are incredibly powerful beautiful scents.

Each pot contains fifteen Beanz and is an amazing £1.89. I usually use three Beanz at a time and the scent lasts approx eight hours, (so about two uses for me per three Beanz). So you get about five different uses out of each pot you buy, making them super value for money. This particular scent in Autumn Splendor is one of my favourites, it literally smells just like a lovely crisp Autumn morning and more. They melt super fast with them being so small and the scent fills the room within minutes, they are the best melts I have used so far for throw of scent. 

I use my Yankee Candle wax burner but most burners will work as you don't need to worry about the melts being too big for the dish because they are cute tiny Beanz. I have had it previously with a whole melt via a different company melting down the side and creating a mess and smoke, so always be extra careful whenever burning melts and candles as I'm sure you know the dangers. 

These Magik Beanz are amazing as you can either have one scent, whichever you choose or mix and match. You can create different scents by mixing different combinations together. So the fun is endless.

Where can you order these I hear you ask? Well a lovely lady has her Facebook site Busy Bee Candles by Lucy and stocks all the Busy Bee candles items you could wish for including an advent calendar which sounds incredible. She also holds generous giveaways and lovely raffle prizes so head on over now. You can view the whole range on and all products are handmade in Wales.

Do let me know in the comments below any scents you have tried from Busy Bee Candles and your thoughts. Can't wait to hear from you. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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