Thursday, 15 October 2015

Birchbox: Stylist Edition

Birchbox is here and I picked the Stylist guest editor box edition, what did you go for? I love getting choose your own items emails but loved even more that we got to pick our own box even though it did spoil it slightly. I always reply to them emails straight away on the day, and 'touch wood' so far have always received what I wanted. This box stood out to me straight away as I knew I would use most of the items in the box, whereas the alternative box 'back to basics' I would have only wanted the Seche Vite top coat. 

As you may know I'm face mask mad, so as soon as I saw that an the Rituals foaming shower gel I knew this was the box for me. Also both boxes had the tiny Bioderma sample in and I have always wanted to try that out, it is super mini but very cute. 

I received a full size 100% Pure fruit pigmented lip glaze that retails for £19, this is a Birchbox exclusive and can be found in their amazing Eshop that I love so much. My fruity lip glaze was in the shade seduce, which is an easy to wear muted nude pink. The packaging is very cute but I do think £19 is a little steep for this product if I'm honest. 

The second full size was the When travelmate sheet mask, these can be purchased in different sets but this one is £25 for a pack of four. This is suppose to be ideal and meant for people traveling around on planes, trains or on jolly holidays. It is said to lock in moisture, soften skin and undo damage. Sounds interesting! I will be sure to give this a go when and if my skin feels dry, but I have oily skin So I can't see that happening.

I can't wait to try out my tiny Bioderma Micellar water. I do love to initially take my makeup off with a Micellar water as I find them quick and easy, I'm not a fan of wetting my face so much some nights. My box included the one for sensitive skin which is great, I would love to try out the sebium for oily skin though. 

I received a Parlor smoothing blowout spray which is another Birchbox exclusive. Its not a product I'm over excited about but I will definetly try it out, the full size costs £17 so it's not a cheap hair brand. It does help to protect against heat damage and is said to 'blot out' frizz so sounds good. 

A product I was excited about was the Rituals yogi flow foaming shower gel in the scent Indian rose and Sweet Almond oil. I have heard great things about this and can confirm it is lovely as I have now tried it out for myself already. It comes out more watery than the Imperial leather foambursts which I love but soon lathers up. Full size is £8.50 so I would probably not purchase a bigger one as I do really like the Imperial leather version myself, but it's a lovely treat. 

And lastly was the English Laundry perfume sample in No.7 for her. I have received this before in a Birchbox and it's lovely with rose geranium, creamy white flowers combined with musk as it's described. As I had received it before it wouldn't let me review it for my points, but I messaged them and they kindly added my points on for me. 

As you may know I'm obsessed with my Birchbox points, I adore saving them up and spending them on little luxuries. If your not already signed up but would like to, please do go through my referral link here where you and I will gain extra points to spend in the amazing eshop. You will gain an extra £5 Birchbox points on top of the box purchase and surveys, so is an excellent way to sign up. 

Thanks for reading. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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