Monday, 21 September 2015

Vitage Skincare Review

After trying the fabulous colour minerals makeup from Vitage I now have the equally as impressive skincare range* to share with you.  Vitage advanced antioxidant skincare range is a high performance range created by skincare professionals, they have over 13 years clinical expertise. Vitage have used this knowledge to create a range packed with superior antioxidants and potent anti ageing ingredients. 

While I was doing my research into the colour minerals makeup from Vitage I came across the skincare range and thought it sounded fabulous. I love that they don't smell over powering, they have amazing ingredients and these are suitable for all skin types. I think the packaging shows just how clean cut and all about the ingredients the brand are, nothing too fancy.

The Vitage Revitalising Daily Cleanse is a gentle light foaming cleanser, this retails at £24. I have been using this for a couple of months now and the product is still rather heavy so lots of product left, as it foams up and spreads out you really don't need alot. So the daily cleanse product should last a long while. It helps to remove daily impurities and importantly for me makeup, as I wear alot! It gives a great feeling of cleanliness to my skin and super fresh. It also contains a cocktail of ingredients that help repair and prevent environmental skin damage. 

The Vitage Skin Defence SPF 30 was perfect for me, not only was it a great lightweight moisturiser but it's a perfect all year round sun protection. This retails at £22 and can be found on websites like I love that it doesn't have a nasty smell and it helps to protect against UVA and UVB damage aswel as everyday environmental stresses. 

My favourite so far from the Vitage skincare and makeup ranges is the Vitamin C Radiance range. I have both the serum and mask which are both highly concentrated with Vitamin C. The serum is a little pricey at £51 but it's so super luxurious on the skin. Partnering with the Vitamin C in the serum is Hyaloronic Acid, both together really help to firm the skin, hydrate and improve the skins texture. It again helps provide an instant defence against ageing and environmental damage, helping to restore skintone and sun damaged skin. I love that it's suitable for all skin types as I so oily, and it helps my skin look illuminated without looking greasy. My skin feels generally softer and tighter when I have used this, and is a perfect pick me up when my skin feels tired or stressed.

If you know me you will know I'm obsessed with masks, so this Radiance Vitamin C mask was top of my favourites with the serum. The mask retail at £26 and is again highly concerntrated with Vitamin C. It helps stimulate collagen production which helps fight the ageing process. So it is an anti ageing mask which isn't for everybody, I wouldn't recommend this if your under 25 ideally but everybody's skin is different. It helps hydrate and brighten like the serum, giving instant radiance after use. I have found it has helped with my bad forehead expression lines which it does state it help diminishes fine lines and wrinkles, so fingers crossed with more use this will continue to help. This mask only needs leaving on for 10-15 minutes, two to three times a week. Personally I do it about two times and find my skin feels tighter and super soft. 

Please let me know in the comments section what your favourite skincare range and products are, also if you have any recommendations for anything for me to try on my oily skin please do let me know.

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