Friday, 18 September 2015

Urban Decay: Naked Smoky swatches

Urban Decay cosmetics is definitely one of my favourite and different brands that I love, they have so many amazing products with the Naked Palettes being some of their most popular. I already have Naked One and Two and use them regularly, so when they announced a newbie was coming out I was super excited. The Naked Smoky* is here .... with the most beautiful packaging, a lovely addition. 

I must just point out that the packaging isn't blue, that is just a reflection from a small amount of blue sky we had that day. But them days are long gone now as the rain and misery of September has hit hard in the UK. The Naked Smoky has more greys and some purples tones than the previous palettes, some people may glance and think it's not for them with the darkness. But take a look at eachshadow individually and see how versatile it truly is. 

I adore the brush that comes with the Smoky palette, as I also did with my Naked One and Two. They are super great quality brushes unlike most palettes that come with brushes. It's double ended with a lovely fluffy blending brush one end and a smaller packing brush the other. 

Would you like to see some swatches? Course you do. These were all done without primer so you can really tell the true depth and pigment of each shade, from left to right of the palette each in groups of four.

So as you can see there is only the middle section that has some darker shades, still lots of wearable Browns and matte shades. It's just great to have that option to create more of a smokey eye look for a night time or an event. 

I thought I would include some pictures of my Naked One and Two so you can see the difference between the previous palettes next to each other. My favourite still has to be Naked One for myself as it has more bronze and gold tones, but I do dislike the packaging. I would still like to own Naked Three but not sure if the Rosey tones would suit me as much. 

Which Naked palette is your favourite or on your WishList? If they were to bring another out what do you think they should do differently? I'm wondering if they will ever product an all matte Naked palette.

Thanks for checking out my swatch post. Can't wait to chat to you in the comments below. Karen x JinksyBeauty x



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