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Prairie Charms: luau party box

If you have followed me a while you will know I'm a massive supporter of the company Prairie Charms. They have amazing customer service and fabulous products, from glitter hair bows to beautiful bespoke floral lei. I even recently did an amazing washi tape haul with them that will be shared soon and they have exciting stationary due for release soon as well. Super excited about that. My Prairie charms box I'm sharing with you today is a Luau party edition box, a special edition box for bloggers.

It was filled to the brim with the most glorious items, confetti, food and more. The most exciting of all when I first opened was a fantastic made bespoke floral lei, these RRP at £50 so was a lovely surprise. These boxes share just some of the amazing items that Prairie Charms stock, they always have amazing deals on their Twitter page so make sure you are following their, will have link at bottom of blogpost. I have made a couple of orders through their Twitter page recently which are extremely exciting and will be shared soon on JinksyBeauty so keep your eyes peeled. My Floral Lei came with beautiful vintage style flowers and has been claimed by my daughter already, they are fabulous for adults and kids.

Truly magical piece, each box has its own unique floral lei to match the preference of the blogger. My daughter is more than happy with it, if I was to have one I would love turquoise, blues, mint green, purples etc with smaller flowers as they stand out a lot on my head! Prairie Charms will make any bespoke orders, just send them a message via Twitter and they are most helpful.

The next items I was super duperly happy about, American candy. I'm obsessed with all things from USA so when I saw these items I can't tell you how ace it was. My dream is to go to America with the kids to Florida, Disney and visit all the amazing American stores like Target, Sephora, Ulta and more.

I received the cute Teddy Graham's, Hershey's chocolate that my husband loves, coconut marshmallows and a Kool Aid sachet. I was chuffed to receive the Kool Aid sachet as I had seen Zoella use this in a vlog recently and can't wait to try it out.

One thing I don't have many of in my hair accessorie collection is scrunchies, so this next addition was more than welcome. Scrunchies are a thing I used to love when I was a kid, big chunky patterns for your hair that don't harm you hair half as much as normal bands. And this one came with a cute bow as well. Winner! 

Another hair item from Prairie Charms I adore are these amazing no snag knot ties. I have said this before but they work amazing for my daughters hair, she has extremely fine fragile hair. These knot ties are aimed so that you don't get a bump in your hair when worn and can be used as a bracelet also when not worn in your hair. But they work marvellously for not pulling or putting pressure on Amber (daughter) and my hair. Love them! They do Sooo many amazing patterns and designs to make them even more fun.

I got some lovely nail glitter in a white/coral shade, perfect for adding additional sparkle to my nails. I've always loved a bit of glitter.

My shell hair clip arrived in a sweet light pink shade, perfect for adding a little difference to any hair do. Myself and Amber always love walking across a beach when we get to go on holiday, searching for cute and different shells. Do you do that too? 

I love my starfish necklace, how darn cute and very wearable is this? Lovely idea and great product to go with a fab themed box. Will definitely be getting wear out of this.

One thing that Prairie Charms stock that are so cute and adorable are their paper straws, I have a gorgeous little collection now. I love home accessories so these are very welcome in my house, they also do really cute star patterned straws I have seen on customers pictures which I would love. I love stars.....hint hint to any family reading as its my birthday at the beginning of next month. Haha

The bamboo patterned straws came with the cutest flamingo drink stirrer, love flamingo patterns right now. I would adore some planner stickers for my personal planner and washi tape. If you know where I could locate this in the UK please let me know. 

The company collab this box was with a lovely company Sweet as Honey Studio with a Make a Mess confetti balloon. Lovely sweet extra. Check out Sweet as Honey Studio.

So I'm sure you will agree this luau party edition box was ace, what's your favourite item? I can't wait for the next box and to share all the contents with you again. 

Here are Prarie charms links for Instagram and Twitter. Plus check out their website here. Please take a look at my previous post on the gorgeous glitter hair bows I ordered from Prairie Charms, post here.

Thanks so much for stopping by. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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