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My Personal Planner

I have been loving seeing everyone else's stationary hauls, planners, stickers etc so treated myself to my own personal planner. I hadn't seen any in stores that I was overly impressed with and knew MissBudgetBeauty had made her own planner via Personal Planner last year. I have linked MissBudgetBeautys review on her personal planner here, it shows alternative layouts also. So I re-watched all her planner videos and knew I needed one for myself. I decided I also wanted to make my own like the personal planner allows you to so I went on to the website and started playing around with theme, colours, planner shape etc. I went for the A5 version, but I do hope they expand to doing bigger styles as I would opt for that next time.

I did like a lot of the the covers that were already made up but I thought to myself if I'm doing this I want to create my own unique planner. So I tried some images that I already had on my iPad and nothing really stood out for me, so I started playing around on one of the kids colouring apps. I have always loved mint green colour and thought the colour would stand out, and then added bright coloured stars as I love stars. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea but I love it.

The front plastic cover is slightly frosted but the image colourings with the cover on are more of the colours of the art I created for the front, when you lift the cover the colourings are more brighter. I decided to keep the front cover and back cover the same as that's the way I wanted it, but you can have a completely different design on the back if you prefer. The next page inside is again something you can create, the idea of this page is to include your personal details but I went for uplifting quotes and my blog name.

I have since decorated this with some holographic coloured stars and fab princess stickers I brought from a lovely Etsy shop. I wilł be sharing pictures of those very soon also. I would love to hear some recommendations for where is best to get more planner stickers in the UK, please leave links or names in comments below.

Layout: there are so many different ways you can design your planner, different layout to whichever way you find best. I went for vertical columns for my planner this time. The banner along the top is customisable, I went for a dark banner with bright coloured dots as it went with my bright coloured theme. If I was to pick again I don't think I would have done this, as when I put my Washi Tape along the top the pattern shows through.

You can pick from so many boxes for the bottom of the planner design that I picked, I wanted some to do type boxes where I could tick off when completed. I think if remember right the style I picked was titled DIY list. On the opposite page I just opted for ruled, as I could then do what I liked with this bit. You automatically get a monthly view type calendar placed in your design which is super helpful. I also removed some options like the weather ticklist as I felt it used a lot of room up, but had my planner been bigger I would have left this option in. 

I opted for the monthly view box pages in my planner as I think they will be super useful to glance at my plans for the month. They have gorgeous square boxes, perfect for planner stickers. These are placed before each month also which is great, as when I picked my options I thought it was going to be placed at the back of the planner. I also picked an overview option to show 2016/2017 plans. 

At first I wasn't going to included 2017 but when I thought about it, if I make any future plans I can just pop them in. And then when I buy a new planner I can transfer any plans over easily. At the back of the book again you can choose your layout and design, I opted for colouring pages and ruled pages. But other options included things like grid paper, plain paper and even maps which looked cool.

Things that come separate when you planner arrives are the band that holds the planner pages and book shut, I picked a purple colour but again you can customise to suit you. A plastic sleeve that I have placed at the back to hold some of my most used stickers, but you can place anywhere you like. And a ruler which I opted for a green, not sure how much use I will get out of this but loved that I could choose my colour.

Along the edges of the pages in the planner you can see that are each colour coded for each month, I believe this is a new feature they have added this year. This makes it simple to flick through to find the date you are searching for, and adds even more colour which is great. I also love the tiny yet lovely details of little pictures for special days and holidays. The Halloween has a pumpkin, Christmas has a tree etc. I also love that it tells me when I need to alter my clocks and which way it goes.

So I'm super happy with my Personal Planner, the A5 version costs £19.95 plus postage. My planner took just under two weeks to arrive, which is fab when you think you design it yourself and it comes from Sweden. I love that you can track each stage of your order as well. It tells you when it been printed, cut, packed and posted etc. The only thing I would change about it is I would love it too be bigger, but that's just me being fussy. If you search the net like I did it's easy to find a 10% or 15% off code to apply to your order, basically making the shipping free. 

Please leave me links or companies that are the best for planner stickers, washi tape etc in the UK. I do have a sticker haul coming very soon to my blog but I'm wanting so many more. It's addictive. 

Thanks for stopping by, speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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