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Massive August Empties

I've been working hard getting through my many products recently, as I'm rapidly running out of space to put things - so this empties is rather large. There is a mixture of hair, skincare, perfume, makeup and even home items! I find empties posts one of my favourites, as you can really tell if someone likes or dislikes a product when they have used it all up.


CoLab mini dry shampoo: I literally used this bottle twice and it ran out with it being mini, but it was lovely. It helped create fantastic volume but did leave the white marks in my hair with my hair being so dark.

Bumble & Bumble BB thickening spray: this was brill for creating volume and texture without any white marks, it sometimes does feel like your spraying air on your hair and I definitely don't recommend it if purchased at full price which was about £18. But as I got it on an offer I did really like it and it didn't make my hair feel sticky at all.

Got 2b Mind Blowing Hairspray: I'm a big fan of the Got2b ranges, I think they do what they say on the tin so to speak and are great prices. Especially when they are on offer in Boots. They isn't a Got2b product that I wouldn't repurchase so far.

Loreal Elnett Cheryl style: still one of my favourite hairsprays, they don't feel stiff or sticky. They brush out so well without pulling at my hair. As I have said before I just dislike the smell.

Got2b Oilicious, dry oil mist: I really enjoyed using this, it made my hair soft and shiny. It's an oil in spray form as the name would suggest and I found it helped take some of my flyaway hairs away as I have curly dry hair. I have already repurchased this as I think it's great. 

Random empty:

Febreze Air effects in berry crush scent: really random I know but I love these febreze sprays, this one smelt divine and I love spraying this just before I walk down the stairs to get a great waft of it. They always seem to last for ages as well which is fab. 

7th Heaven Blemish Mud face mask: this is still one of my favourite face masks to use, super value at £1.00 each. It's a thick formula and makes my skin feel great when I take it off. I'm obsessed with face masks, if you have any suggestions for oily skin please leave them in the comments below.

Champneys body scrub: I adored the smell of this mini body scrub with it having brown sugar in the ingredients. It has lots of tiny grains which help to smooth out any dry patches and take away any dead skin cells. These are a great size to take away or to store in the bathroom cabinet without taking up much room.

Soap & Glory body scrub: another body scrub which was much thicker and this took rather along time to get through. I actually think they have changed the packaging since, but I really loved the smell and texture of this product. I adore Soap & Glory products at the moment and can't wait for the offer of the week in Boots this year. 

Korres citrus shower gel: this personally wasn't for me. I received this in a beauty box and wasn't over keen on the smell, I thought it smelt rather manly. We took this away with us on holiday due to the size but I wouldn't buy it again, it was nothing special and I don't believe they are very cheap. 

Imperial Leather foam burst: This is absolutely gorgeous, the scent was sweet vanilla cherry blossom which was heavenly. I love that you need the tinyiest amount of foam and it spreads out so far. It's silky smooth on the skin and I definetly want to try out more scents next time. I believe there is a honey and milk one which I would like next. Let me know any stand out shower gels you have tried.

Daisy Eau So Fresh by Marc Jacobs: I adored this fragrance and with it being 125ml it lasted me a long while, I believe I got this last summer as a present. I have recently purchased a new Daisy in the Sorbet version. The Eau So Fresh is still available and is definetly a top summer fragrance for me, light fresh and airy. One of my all time favourite fragrances is Vera Wang Princess, super sweet.


Simple oil balancing face wipes: I liked these but couldn't tell it did anything for my oiliness at all. If I was to repurchase I would just buy the regular cleansing wipes version, which I did get some the other day from Wilkinsons for 95p. Bargains. 

Quickies nail polish remover pads: these for me have become my go to nail polish remover. They do take a little more effort to take there polish off but I find them to be more gently on my nails and the surrounding areas than others. The Essie nail polish remover in a bottle really dried and my hands and nails so I stopped using it.

Loreal Skin Perfection cream: when I first started using this I really enjoyed it. It felt smooth soft and smooth on my skin but I couldn't see any different in my skin texture like it claims to do. I used half a tub and then tried out the Nip and Fab Bee sting which I fell in love with. I absolutely adore this and since then I have brought a rather a lot of Nip and Fab, I find it's the best to see and feel a difference to my skin. I will hundred percent repurchase this after I have used my La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo. I used up a small sample this month which I got via a Twitter link, with the sample we received a £5 off full size so I did that. I wanted to alternate my creams so my skin didn't get used to it.

Loreal Miscellar Gel Eye makeup remover: I used this product a couple of times and it just didn't work for me. The consistency felt odd around my eyes and didn't remove any of my eye makeup, especially mascara. So was pointless for me unfortunately, this empty was a rather full one than went in the bin. 

Snail Gel: I got a sample of this in a beauty box, I can't say it didn't anything after using this sample but I know the ingredients which some may not like are suppose to be amazing for the skin. It contains snail secretion so I know it won't appeal to everyone but I don't mind it. I have a full size version waiting to use so once I have tried that I shall be able to give a better review. 


No7 Beautifully Matte foundation in Calico: this is the lightest shade in the range and it's my go to foundation for everyday wear. I have a couple of back ups of this as I won't be without. It's not a totally cure for my oiliness as I'm super oily but it's good enough. I love the thick converage and it's one of the best shade matches for me.

Natural Collection bronzer in sun shine: I have rather a few of these as well, these are super cheap at only £1.99 each and are always in other great offers as well. This does contain a lot of shimmer but I always get asked what I'm wearing when I have this on. I use a little on my face but mainly for down my neck, chest and body areas. 

Benefit Porefessional primer: I have had a few samples of these and really enjoy using it. I don't suffer massively with pores but it feel it's so smoothing and soft on the skin. It helps creates the perfect base for foundation and definetly is one of the better primers I have tried out. I also really enjoyed using the Urban Decay pore perfection primer sample I received when I went to a bloggers event at Birmingham Selfridges. Very similar formula and definetly made my skin feel amazing when applied, another great makeup base.

And that's it for my rather large empties, I hope it wasn't too long and you could locate the products a little easier as I highlighted the brands. Please let me know your recommendations for any products you are trying out right now. I always read your comments. 

Thanks for stopping by. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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