Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Busy B: Busy Family Diary

I have become totally obsessed with all things planning, stationary, stickers and all recently. I love watching people's unboxing of their beautiful new planners and sticker hauls! I saw the amazing site Busy B and enjoyed looking through all the amazing products they have to offer. I was after a planner to help organise home tasks, family matters, bills etc. I spotted the adorable Busy B family diary* in the gorgeous mint/teal colour with a lovely bird pattern on. It sold me when I saw it had space for five family members! Their is four people in my family but five with the dog!

How adorable is it? I'm loving these stabilo fineliners for writing and adding colour to my planners. I would love to know anybody's best suggestions for planner pens also, please let me know in the comments at the bottom of this post.

My Busy B family diary is so cutely made, I love that the outside is a solid folder but inside is a handy ringbinder. It has pages for personal details, monthly dates, dates to remember and then on to the main bulk of the diary with some added extras at the back. The fab things about this diary is you can use the main pages on the left hand side for everyday planning for yourself and the boxes on the right can be sectioned for each member of the rest of the family. 

At the bottom of each right hand side it shows the monthly view and has it highlighted which week you are in on that particular page. I think this is fab, it's a definite time saver for me. The boxed family member sheet is excellent for adding exciting planner stickers, I can't wait to find more for my collection. Please let me know your best finds for planners stickers and the best shops or websites in UK, I'm new to this!

One of my favourite aspects of the diary is each month has a reminders page with storage pockets with space to slip in and store any letters, information or anything that's needs to be kept safe.

Love the quirky addition to the back of this planner, it's all Christmas related! I haven't really ever seen this in anything I have had before, it contains pages for Christmas card lists, present list and additional notes! So much planning goes in to Christmas so this is perfect for helping and sorting of the fab day.

I think this is a really lovely and well structured diary, I love the details and matching colour scheme. It has a handy pen loop holder on the side, an elastic closure and a matching ribbon to keep your page. This is available for £12.99 from the BusyB website, they have so many other gorgeous products and items. I love the look of the sticky notes to help any additional planning. 

To get 15% off your first order use the code BB15 and remember to sign up to their emails to get free updates here! 

Let me know what your favourite items are from their website, I can't wait to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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