Sunday, 30 August 2015

Timeless Truth Masks

I'm a massive fan of face masks, I love to feel and see a difference in my skin! Timeless Truth beauty facial masks are 'the ultimate in mask experience.' I have previously used the Bio Cellulose Bee Venom mask which was featured in my July Empties blogpost. The bee venom was part of their luxury masks collection, which have other incredible ingredients. Timeless Truth have two different face mask ranges, the luxury and the fusion range. I now have two of the fusion masks* to try out.

Timeless Truth have such an exciting range, I loved reading through the booklet to see all the amazing masks they stock. The fusion masks which I'm trying out this time are neither a cream or a gel, they are face shaped and I found this range easier to apply than the luxury mask range. Each mask in this range has a freeze dried product which has already been soaked in serum, when it comes in contact with the face the warmth slowly releases the amazing ingredients on the skin.

My green mask is the Green Tea Phenol Soothing mask, I used this first as I have had sensitive skin since having a mystery reaction to something on my face. It stated it immediately soothes skin and helps problem skin, so sounded perfect. It also had amazing calming ingredients like the Green Tea, Aloe Vera and Chamomile. 

This mask used regularly would help to regulate oily secretion, which with me having oily skin sounds perfect. Obviously after one use it wasn't going to miraculously cure me but it definitely felt amazing, and helped my skin for a couple of days afterwards. Ideally these are to be used 3 to 4 times a week. 

I love the relaxation of having to sit still for the 15-20 minutes with these masks. After I took it off I massaged my face to get the maximum benefit of the product left over. My skin felt smooth, fresh, nourished and my skin texture and appearance especially around my nose with slight pores had improved. I felt like it helped the application of my makeup for a couple of days after use also.

Next I tried the blue mask which was the Deep Sea Extract Moisturising Mask, which to me smelt fresh like a spa. I loved the green tea mask for the effect it had on my skin afterwards but loved this deep sea one more when it was actually applied, it felt more refreshing and relaxing. It definitely added moisture to my skin, and felt like it was truly working into my skin while restoring, leaving it looking glowing and feeling hydrated. I used mine from in my draw and they felt amazing but for an extra cooling effect they can be stored in the fridge before use, I can only imagine you can get a much more refreshing experience doing this.

It's important to make sure the face is clean before you use these masks, so making sure to cleanse the skin beforehand. Get some YouTube videos on the go like I did or have some relaxing music to really add to the spa at home feeling. The fusion series masks are £4.90 each or you can get a box of five for £23.90 from ttmasks. They also do an amazing looking three in one travel mask pack I was reading all about in my booklet, it contains a make up remover cloth, deep cleansing cloth and hydra-fibre moisture mask. £8.90.

Please make sure you visit ttmasks to check out the whole ranges for yourself, let me know in the comments which you would like to try out. These are also available on which is a brilliant site full of all your beauty needs.

Thanks so much for stopping by, do let me know your favourite masks in the comments below, especially for oily skin types. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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