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The Body Shop: Spa Launch

The Body Shop has an excellent new range called Spa of the World and to celebrate the Birmingham Bull Ring store had a Blogger event to share all. I have been to a few bloggers events recently but this was definitely the one I was most excited about. The Body Shop to me has amazing luxury products that are a real treat to buy for yourself or amazing gifts, the new range is no exception.

Having never been to a real spa yet I can only imagine these are the types of amazing products you would find in one, the Spa of the World range is truly something different for The Body Shop. The range includes creams, massage oils, exfoliant and my favourite the body clay masks with the aim to have a true ritual in your own home. Everybody wants to experience a spa like feeling in the comfort of your own place whether it be to relax, revitalise or for just true bliss.

Elaine the store manager from the Bullring store and organiser of the event couldn't have been more welcoming, she is a Truely lovely lady. She had everything planned out for the evening from us browsing products, learning about the ranges, having skin consultations, makeup classes and even relaxing with a one to one trial of the Spa of the World products.

I loved trying out the two amazing body clay masks on my arms! On my right arm I tried the Himalayan charcoal body clay which helps to draw out impurities from the skin while giving a deep cleanse. On my left arm I had the Moroccan Rhassoul body clay which I felt was a thicker formula than the charcoal version, this one helps to firm as the mask absorbs excess water and oil. This sounds perfect for other areas of the body I would like to tone more, so I would love to try this out soon. I wish I had brought them on the night really, as we got 35% discount on any products we wanted to purchase.

Also on the night we got to join the exciting new loyalty club that The Body Shop have named Love Your Body club, this unlike the last card is free to join. You earn points every time you shop in store or online, earning 10 points per £1 spent. Every time you earn 500 points you gain a £5 voucher to spend on any of the products. Also as a treat on your birthday you get a £5 gift which is lovely, my birthday is only a couple of months away! Have you got your new card yet?

I got to have my skincare consultation with a lovely lady from the Merry Hill branch, she helped us understand which ranges were best for our skin types. As I have oily skin the seaweed range was recommended for myself, so I did make a couple of purchases from the range and I also can't wait to buy more face masks as I think these are a real stand out for me from The Body Shop. The Vitamin C range has products that are suppose to be extremely similar to Origins skincare and the drops of youth sleeping mask sounds and felt incredible.

I purchased the seaweed set of Seaweed clay mask and Claifying night treatment and the Warming mineral mask, as I'm slightly mask obsessed. I can't wait to try out the Tea Tree mask and also the Vitamin E moisture mask even though I have oily skin for a nice treatment and boost for my skin every so often.

We were also lucky enough to receive a goody bag to come away with that included products that I wanted to try out so that was amazing. I think some of the bags varied slightly but I received the Camomile silky cleansing oil, the Spa of the World Egyptian milk and honey bath powder and Oils of Life face oil.

The Oils of Life is a intensive revitalising facial oil which is super cute in size and come with a handy pipette to apply tiny drops to the hands for applying to the face. Even though I have oily skin the perfect thing to combat that is oil, it helps confuse the skin and stops producing as much naturally. I have found oils have really helped the condition and feel of my skin.

The Camomile silky cleaning oil sounds perfect for me, I often struggle taking all my makeup off and this like the Super Facialist version I currently using helps to dissolve the makeup as you are massaging it on the face. I then take a warm flannel to remove everything and find it really does take every bit of makeup away, even my mascara. It's suitable for all skin types so is definitely something I think everyone should try out if you wear a lot of makeup like me.

I can't wait to try out the Spa of the World Eqyptian milk and honey bath powder, this sounds so divine. The powder turns to milk when dropped into a warm bath with the very cute mini scoop provided with it, it helps to relax your mind and leave the skin feeling luxuriously smooth so the label tells me. It comes in an adorable luxury feel bag for storage, I'm so excited about using this. A real treat!

One thing I didn't get chance to spend anytime playing with was the makeup but I was so into all the other body shop treats I honestly didn't mind. When I think of The Body Shop I think more of the luxury body products, face masks and skincare than the makeup personally. I remember when I was younger having one of the shimmer bricks and keeping it more because it looked pretty than it doing much at all. But at some point I would like to try out more of their makeup range.

So I had an incredible night and I was so thankful to Elaine for letting me attend. I really enjoyed playing with The Body Shop products and want to try so many of the products out now that I know more. I always love The Body Shop at Christmas time and have still got some Christmas hand creams from last year that are amazing. Please let me know in the comments your favourite products and recommendations you have for me to add to my WishList! 

Thanks for reading my little event post. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did the night. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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