Sunday, 23 August 2015

New Tangle Angel Hairbrush

Tangle Angel have some absolutely fabulous new colours in their range, the Metallix! When I first saw a sneak peek of these brush colours I was extremely excited, they are one of the most pretty and amazing looking hairbrushes I have ever seen. If I could I would love the whole range to sit lovely on my dressing table, but the colours that stood out to me the most were the turquoise, pink and purple. What do you think?

Tangle Angel were created by celebrity and royal hairdresser Richard Ward, as well as the Tangle Angel they have a smaller version the Tangle Cherub which is perfect for children or in your handbag. They have the Shine Angel which sounds amazing, it has revolutionary V-shaped bristles to grip and polish the hair. And another product they have created is the Pet Angel which I would absolutely love to try on my Shihtzu Minnie, she hates her fur being brushed and these sound great with not having metal bristles. I especially love the Bronze/Black brush!

I have had a pink original Tangle Angel for a while now so it did need replacing ideally, so I was super happy with my new totally turquoise colour brush*. I love that it can stand up straight on my dressing table, I love that it can be gripped at the handle or via the wings. There are so many great benefits and features that make them extra special.

They come in a see through box so you can really see the true beauty of the brush before even taking it out the packaging. All the Metallix range of gorgeous gold, omg orange, pop purple, totally turquoise and fab fuschia have the plastic black bristles heads. But other brushes also can come with pink or purple bristles, so you can really pick one that's perfect for you. What's your favourite?

I adore the colour, style and features of this brush. One thing I needed from my hair brush that this does perfectly is being able to blow dry my hair at the same time as brushing as it has heat resistant bristles. As I have curly hair this really helps to smooth out and with the anti-static properties in the brush head help them fly always leaving my hair far more silky than it is without it. Tangle Angels are also water resistant which is super cool and useful.

One of the best features of these Tangle Angel brushes is the bristles have a special anti-bacterial addictive a making them 99.9% effective at reducing the growth of unwanted bacteria on your hairbrush. This special protection is embedded in the plastic making them super hygienic and safer to use than most ordinary hair brushes. So not only do they look amazing, they are great for your hair.

I'm obsessed with my Tangle Angel and couldn't live without it and I think the £14.95 price tag is well worth it, what are your thoughts on these fabulous products? Do let me know in the comments below and remember to check them out on I personally would love to try out the Pet Angel for my doggie Minnie but they have such a fab range for everyone.

Thanks for stopping by, speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

*= PR sample
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