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July Empties

These Empties posts seem to be gathering more and more products every month! I have been trying to use many things up as I have been creating quite the collection of products, and with that running out of space to put things! Ekkkkkk #BloggerProblems! I will highlight the product as to make it easier for you to skip on to the product you may want to read about!

Garnier Micellar Water: This has got to be one of the cutest minis I have ever seen, totally love this little bottle. It's 125ml in size which I purchased for my holiday but it lasted me for a while afterwards. I already knew I loved this Micellar water and find it super easy to remove my makeup with. I would have definitely purchased again but I received one in My Little Box last month so that was perfect! I would love to know in the comments what your favourite Micellar water is you have tried, as I love trying new ones (I have oily skin).

Benefit Porefessional & It's Potent eye cream: I had a few mini benefit samples from beauty boxes etc, but my favourite by far is the Porefessional face primer. I find this really smooths out my skins texture and creates the perfect base for my makeup. I'm not a massive fan of the Benefit skincare range I have to say! So the eye cream was just ok, I used it but didn't really feel for me it did over much. 

Kiehls Midnight Recovery eye cream: Where as the Kiehls eye cream I absolutely loved! I had a sachet sample of the Midnight Recovery oil and eye cream from when I visited Selfridges Birmingham recently. I have to say I can definitely see what all the hype is about. The oil smelt amazing, sunk in my skin beautifully and made my skin feel plump, smooth and like heaven. The eye cream was the first ever eye cream that I had used that I really felt did something, really could see a difference. Glided perfectly round the eye socket and helped diminish and fade my bad dark circles under my eyes. Would love to try more from Kiehls in the future and would love to purchase these in larger size also at some point.

LA Roche Posay Effaclar Duo: Another mini sample and this I have purchased the larger size since trying it out. I received two of these La Roche Posay minis from putting my details in on a Twitter link. Super glad I did as this used as a moisturiser is perfect and light for my skin. My favourite skincare is Nip and Fab but I wanted to alternate each time so my skin doesn't get used to it. This is a lovely product that helps with my skins texture, fine lines and best of all is great for my oiliness as its so light.

Caudalie serum & Gatineau masque: More samples I received from my beauty boxes and lovely products. My favourite out of the two was the Gatineau Masque, which I used as a thick overnight mask for quite a few days actually as the sample lasted a while. This really made my skin feel plumped and refreshed the next morning after use. The Caudalie serum was a nice smooth texture on the skin which I used under my moisturiser in the morning and nighttime, but this size was really big enough to see any difference in the small amount of time I used it for.

Beauty Protector leave in conditioner: This is Birchbox exclusive brand and o wow! I absolutely LOVE the smell of this stuff, I did actually think about keeping the bottle to just sit and smell it. But I didn't! I really enjoyed using this mainly because of the smell, just spritzed a small amount across my hair when wet or if it needed a little moisture boost when dry. Would love to try more from this range.

Not sure how the Beauty Protector leave in conditioner made it in most of the empties pictures I have taken! But I won't keep talking about it don't worry.

7th Heaven Coconut Protein Hair Masque: If you followed me a while on my blog or social media you will know I adore the newly named brand 7th Heaven for face masks so I was so excited when I saw they had hair masks. This was a lovely product to use, really nourishing and made my hair smell fantastic.

Loreal Elnett: one of my favourite hairsprays to use and super sad to have finished my stash of these Cheryl versions. These were the massive size and truly is the best hairspray for my hair. Having naturally curly and frizzy hair this really helps add a slight bit of control without stickiness of making it hard to brush out. The only thing I dislike about it is the smell, I really wish they would change that.

Tresemme Perfectly Dry texturing spray: For my personally this spray did nothing, just simply felt like spraying air on to my hair unfortunatly. So not something I would repurchase, as I also didn't like the hairspray version either.

Mark Hill Bedazzled: This i did like as its an anti humidity spray. Perfect for my hairs frizzy flyways, does help in gaining some control without being heavy on my hair. It also helps to add shine to the hair making it look and feel extra healthy.

No7 Face Wipes: These are the face wipes I use the most, they feel great on my skin for freshing up and in the event of being in a lazy rush of a nighttime they take most of my makeup off with ease. Even removing my mascara which isn't the simplest of tasks. They are normally purchased with my £5 off No7 skincare vouchers when I have them.

No7 Beautiful Skin Night Cream: I brought this night cream because it was aimed towards people with oily skin. Having seen other people use this I know it's great for helping with calming redness if this is something you struggle with. For me I wasn't over impressed with seeing any difference to my skin and it's not something I would repurchase and I actually ended up using this as a hand cream to use it up.

No7 Beautiful Skin Roll on Eye cream: As I have said before in this post no other eye cream has impressed me to see any result like the Kiehls, the one thing I did enjoy about this product was the cooling roller balls. The application method for this with the roller balls is soothing and a great massage technique for under the eye area. 

No7 highlighting concealer: This is a slightly older packaging than is available now, as there is now a much wider range of shades that can easily be selected to match your foundation. If you do the Colour Match service this will make it really simple for you to pick, I'm calico the lightest of all! I love this concealer for highlighting and through the summer months mostly. If you don't like too much of a heavy coverage and suffer from dark circles this is the one for you. Simple apply with the brush by clicking the product through and tap the product in place in the areas needed. It contains light reflecting particles so it's a must to tap it in or you will lose some of the effect. Love this will definitely gain a new version sometime soon.

Quickies Nail polish remover pads: I mainly brought these as I was going on holiday for just being easy to pop in my traveling bag. But I have really got on with them that I have carried on using them. They aren't the quickest at getting my nail varnish off but I have found them to be gentle on my skin and nails. I was using an Essie nail polish remover which gets the polish off super fast but found it really dried out my skin around the nails. These contain pro vitamin B5 to help protect that area.

7th Heaven face mask: Again I adore these masks, super easy and cheap to pick up from Boots, Asda or anywhere. A great variety to try alternate ones each week, I just really get on with these. I love the mud masks the best, for applying during a bath and letting the impurities release from my skin. I love face masks as you would have seen from my collection on my Instagram post, if you have any other suggestions I would love to hear them in the comments.

Timeless truth Bee Venom face mask: Until I tried this I had never tried a sheet type of face mask. This was a little tricky to get on my face but once it was on was lovely. You need time to able to just sit back and relax with these as you do need to tip your head back to allow it to rest on your face. This was packed with Bee venom goodness and was extremely slippy and slidy with it. Which is great to show how much product is sinking into your skin. Once removed there is a fair bit of product left sitting on the skin also, and it's perfect to massage into your face to gain the full benefits. These are available to purchase through Beauty Crowd in the UK. So many more I want to try, they all sound amazing.

Estée Lauder eye cream: I have ended up with a lot of eye creams in my empties this month. This product made it in there just simply because I felt I had it too long. I'm terrible at keeping products past their used by date and this definitely was one of those as I had this for quite a while. Loved the cooling affect again with this due to it being a roller ball, this was better than the No7 as it had a lovely pearlised colouring to it which helps with the dark circles.

Loreal Skin Perfector serum: I only really have got into skincare this year since doing my Beauty Blogging and Loreal was one of the first ranges I tried out properly. I loved the pink packaging and purchased after watching a Shannxo YouTube video as she was loving it. I did really get on with it and loved the feel on my skin but I didn't see any difference to my skin texture like alot of other people have said they gained from using this. A perfect first time skincare I would say.  I have since tried Nip and Fab which I absolutely love and can 100% see and feel a difference to my skin. I have a rather large collection of Nip and Fab as you will see from my Instagram pictures.

So that's it for my empties of last month, I hope you found this interesting and maybe learned a little. Do chat with me in the comments about your product empties or favourites. Thanks so much for stopping by. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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