Thursday, 20 August 2015

Golden Ticket Glossybox

So my Glossybox for August turned up with a knock on the door and was signed for, very strange I thought! 'Glossybox is never signed for' I said to my husband, 'why would they pay £4.40 to post each one' I went on. Haha. Well I opened it and was like, huh, what, omgosh, there is a golden ticket in my box that's why. Shock horror I wasn't expecting that. So this month Glossybox were sneaking in three golden tickets into their boxes as they teamed up with Sass for an amazing prize.

So the pretty Golden Ticket has won me and a friend a trip to a Spa for the day, we get a Microdermabrasion oxygen facial and manicure each at the Hydro Healing Spa in London! Very posh, I've never been to a spa before so I'm super excited. I have until next August to use it, just need to not lose my Golden Ticket in the mean time! Which would be typical me. Haha. Any recommendations to travel would be appreciated from the Midlands.

The products in this months Glossybox were all amazingly full size part from the Sass which was close enough so that was great. I do love full size products so I can really tell if the product is for me or not.

The makeup products in this August box looked excellent, a beautiful bronzer blush which we knew was coming from our sneak peek from last month. A gorgeous coral lip crayon from Mememe and a handy lash primer from Manna Kadar.

Really loving this bronzer blush hybrid by the brand Emite, this retails at £20.59 which is amazing and more than covers for the cost of the box already. This is amazing for adding colour and contouring to my pale face, as you can see it super soft and I only need to tap the brush on lightly to gain the pigment from this powder formula. The box is also showcasing amazing brands from across the world, Emite is a Swedish brand.

The Lash primer is from a U.S. Company called Manna Kadar, its a perfect creamy gel formula helping to nourish and separate the lashes before mascara application. It contains Vitamin B12 which helps to condition the lashes and help the strength and appearance. Im actually wearing it today with my no makeup day to help the condition of my lashes. This retails for £14.55. 

I have tried a few products from Mememe and never been overwhelmed at all, but I do like a coral lippie product, especially in matte lip crayon form. It a lovely creamy formula and has a high pigment of colour. This retails at £6.95.

I have received a Naobay product before in my Glossybox I believe which was a peeling mask that I'm yet to try out. Let me know if you have and if you have any tips on using it. This time we have a calming face toner from the Spanish brand. It contains hydrating ingredients with chamomile and gotu kola extract which also helps to cleanse and calm the skin while removing all last traces of makeup. This is a huge size of 200ml and doesn't have a strong scent at all which is sometimes a plus in skincare. This retails at £10.65, so as you can tell some amazing value in this months box.

I also received the Sass Purifying cleanser which helps to balance out the body's PH levels to keep the body fresh in your intimate area. Sass do many other products and are currently stocked in Boots so check them out if you haven't seen much of the range before. Full size of this is £7. 

Next month we are going to receive a full sized hair mask worth £18.95. If you want to sign up please do through my referral link here. So a rather impressive Glossybox this month, what are your thoughts. Do let me know in the comments below. I would love to hear your Spa experiences also if you wouldn't mind taking the time to share in the comments also.

Thanks for stopping by. Can't wait to hear from you. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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