Monday, 24 August 2015

Birchbox Eshop Haul

I have been saving up my Birchbox points for a while now and have finally spent them...all! Booooo! Haha. I would often put things in my basket and then change my mind about using them but this time I went through with it!  After I received The Balms Balm Desert bronzer in my Birchbox for August I knew I wanted a full size so then went I my quest to choose other items. 

I got an extra from the bonus shop when I spent over £30 with a free scarf! It's really not for me at all but I'm sure I will find someone who will appreciate it more so. Anyone that knows me knows I'm not the biggest fan of Orange, so I think that's what also puts me off it! 

The Balms Balm Desert is a bronzer and blush in one. I first saw this when Kathleen lights used it in a tutorial and instantly loved it, so when it arrived in my August box I was super excited. It's a deep shade and is highly pigmented so don't need a lot of the brush, as I'm so pale it shows up on me like a dream. Probably a bit too much for some people but I love it. £15

The Balms Balm Voyage eyeshadow palette with lipsticks also. I love how big this palette is and couldn't believe the size of the pans when I opened it. At first glance you do see a lot of colour but when you take a closer look there is a lot of neutral shades also. It has a handy mirror at the top which is suppose to look like a passport photo, sixteen large eyeshadows in a mixture of finishes and three lipsticks tucked in the bottom. The great thing is the lipsticks have there own flip up bit so you don't need to open that if you don't want to use them at that time or get any fall out stuck in them. £35

I have tried a few products from The Balm cosmetics and nothing yet has disappointed. I love my Mary Lou Manizer highlighter which is a beauty must have for sure. Have you got any must have The Balm Cosmetics items you can recommend?

Having heard a lot of people rave about the Laura Mercier setting powder I thought I would give it a go, turns out this is the wrong one as a lot of people loving the brightening version which is what I thought I was ordering. This tub however is rather large and should last a little while whereas I believe the brighting version is a lot smaller. Birchbox only have only got the one Laura Mercier setting powder and it is rather pricey at £29. Which to be honest I wouldn't repurchase as I have a gosh version that is better.

Birchbox also have a sale on at the moment so I treated myself to the Aromatherapy Associates as I have never tried them before so I opted for the set with small bottles of the different varieties to try them all out. I do get periods of high anxiety so hoping these will de-stress me at times. Any tips would be great, I believe I can put a bottle cap full in my bath? 

I even got a random packet of Propercorn Sweet & Salty as I do rather like it. So that's all of my Birchbox haul, what do you think? What's your favs? I would love to know if you have done a Birchbox haul and what you got, let me know in the comments below. 

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Thanks for stopping by. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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