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Beauty Crowd: LA Girl haul

If you have been following my on my social media you will know that I'm obsessed with the website Beauty Crowd! It's complete Heaven to me, amazing brands and great prices. I made one order of the above products, took all my pictures and then ordered a few more so those pictures will be added in. If you love lip products you will love this post. It's nearly all the LA Girl Glazed lip paints, o and a random concealer.

The LA Girl Glazed Lip Paints are incredibly pigmented and have an extra glossy finish, I adore the packaging having the matching colour tube to the shade inside. Each one also has an amazing minty fresh scent to it which I love. These are available on Beauty Crowd at £4 each which I think is fab. This brand is more easier to get in USA and I think that's one of the most fabulous things about Beauty Crowd that you can get things here in the UK off them that aren't as easy to get. I had heard great things about the LA Girl pro concealer so knew I wanted that also. I got mine in the lightest shade Classic Ivory which is Still slightly dark on me, especially for highlighting under the eyes.

I do love the formula of this concealer, it's lovely and thick but it is just slightly dark on me and on the pink side. It has a brush tip applicator which I didn't find very easy to push the product out through, do let me know if there is a technic I'm not doing for this. But this is a lovely concealer and great for £5. 

One thing I may change if I could would be the applicator on the lip paints, it does make it slightly hard to apply to the lips with this. I thought afterwards the best thing to do would be to squeeze a little on the back of my hand and apply with a lip brush to make the application more accurate. Swatched from lightest onwards they are Whisper, Elude, Flirt, Peony, Tango, Whimsical, Blushing, Babydoll and Tease. On to some swatches....

As you can see they are amazingly bright, colourful and shiny. Gorgeous lippies and I have been loving them all, as I said after I received these I brought three more shades so I will pop them in now with arm swatches for you to see. Please note when I swatched the second haul I had a tan on my body! The orange shade is Hot Mess, pink shade is Bombshell and the lovely red shade is Pin Up.

Truely lovely products I'm sure you will agree, do let me know if you have any of these and your thoughts, I would love to hear your favourite shades. Next I'm going to show you them on the lips to give a little better picture of them, do be aware they are rather close ups and I applied them one after another without primer or lip liners so aren't the best application but show you true colour. I have done them in the same order and will include pictures of the actual product to make it easy to see which colour is which. 









Tease: (contains glitter)

Second haul cont...and the lip swatches were obviously taken in a lot better lightening, I do apologise as I had taken previous pictures later in the evening.

Hot Mess:


Pin up:

So some absolutely gorge colours, which is your favourite? I was surprised how much I liked the red Pin up and Elude and Peony are also lovely. I'm so happy with all of them, they are definitely one of my favourite lip products I own at the moment, with one in my bag all the times.  As the next pictures show, I just realised I had Elude in my bag when these pictures were taken! Gutted! Haha.

Links in the blogpost above may contain my affiliate link for me to Beauty Crowd, so I would really appreciate you going through if you wish to order from Beauty Crowd to show your support for JinksyBeauty. But please don't feel like you have to. You also don't have to order to click on these links you can simple browse the amazing products they have to offer. 

Beauty Crowd are also trying their best to get Colour Pop cosmetics here in the UK which I would be absolutely over the moon if they could acheive that. But they need all our help to let Colour Pop know exactly how much they are wanted over here and the customers they have also. So please visit Beauty Crowd to show you support, sign their petition in an online form to help us all acheive this. I would be over joyed if we could as I have always wanted to try their products and love some of the amazing collabs they have done with Youtubers Kathleen Lights, Shannxo & Coffee Break with Dani etc. 

Thanks so much for staying to the end if your reading this. This blogpost really did take a lot of time and swatches to hopefully help you choose the right shade for you. I would love you to chat to me in the comments, Twitter or Instagram. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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