Sunday, 9 August 2015

Allumer Jewelry + Giveaway

I'm so in love with my Allumer Jewelry Allumette necklace with bell and can't wait to share an amazing opportunity for you to get yours also! This blogpost is going to contain my very first JinksyBeauty Rafflecopter blog Giveaway with the amazing company Allumer Jewelry. I'm obsessed with all things jewellery and fashion so this company is right up my alley, so many amazing items!

These amazing colourful ball chain necklaces come in a variety of gorgeous colours, you can match the same colour bell like mine or opt for a different colour. You choose your bell colour and chain for a unique combo, specifically for you! They are amazing worn alone or can be stacked to create a fabulous stylish look, it can even be worn wrapped around your wrist.

I love how delicate and dainty they are but have a massive impact and stand out with their great colour combos. Each necklace is approx 50cm long but do state they can be easily cut with scissors to desired length. The Allumette style necklace with bell retail at £24.00 and can be found online at or check out their stockists link for places near you, they are even stocked at Harrods. 

The combo I have and love is the the Lilac necklace and bell, but there are so many combinations and looks that can be made with these amazingly gorgeous pieces. For an even bigger statement check out their Neon colour selection. Take a look at their amazing website and comment below the blogpost which colour combo you would choose if you were purchasing or possibly winning! I adore the mixed metal shades, Rose Gold, Graphite, Brown, Yellow Gold, Silver, Black etc and think the all Turquoise or Green would be amazing. Can't wait to hear what combo you would love. 

So who would love to WIN one of these super fabulous Allumette pieces for yourselves? ..... Yes I hear you shout!!! Myself and Allumer Jewelry have teamed up to give you this amazing opportunity, they kindly agreed to supply the winner with their prize and are super excited like me about this giveaway.  This competition via Rafflecopter will be available worldwide so nobody misses out, I can't wait to see the combination the winner picks. When the lucky winner is announced, I will give them a contact email so they can sort their amazing prize with Allumer themselves! But please do tag me in your prize photo when it arrives, I would love to see it. The competition giveaway is open for a week only so get them entries in fast and share with all your friends, family and followers. Good Luck.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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