Sunday, 5 July 2015

Zoeva Mixed Metals

One brand I had never had the pleasure in trying was Zoeva, until now. Their eyeshadow palettes and brushes have always appealed to me, I swoon over them in blogposts myself. When I saw the cocoa blend palette all over YouTube I knew I needed it in my collection. In th UK the best place to purchase Zoeva I found was where you get free delivery over £10, which is fab. But with it being so raved about the cocoa blend was sold out everytime I checked. So I decided to purchase one their other palettes anyways as they looked so ace. I really struggled to choose between this Mixed metals and the Rose Gold palette. I still sooo want the Rose Gold palette, but the mixed metals won the choice.

I'm a massive fan of the Zoeva eyeshadow palette packaging. Super sleek and fantastic! They come with a cover sleeve in the same design to help protect the palette and I do keep mine in this. I love the metal foil accents on the packaging to go with the theme of the palette.

The pans are laid out perfectly in two rows and they are a great size. Each pan of eyeshadow is packed with vitamin E, super pigmented and easy to blend. This palette being the mixed metals has the most gorgeous metallic shades with only one shade of matte being the Onyx black shade which helps to add depth to the look.

When I first dipped my finger in to swatch these shadows I literally gasped. Just how gorgeous, metallic and so different are these shadows. I'm totally sold on this palette, love the Zoeva brand just from this. I would love to try out their brushes, please let me know what I need to try in the comments. I have since been able to order the cocoa blend palette and the blogpost will be coming up next on that. So please check that out also. 

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