Monday, 27 July 2015

My Clo Clo London Bracelet

I have recently become obsessed with all things jewellery related,  I have always loved it but never till recently owned a lot. I came across a lovely company called Clo Clo London which are based in London obviously! I had the chance to pick an item and wanted to choose something super pretty plus an item I would get lots of use out of.

I picked a beautiful bracelet called Madeleine* that sells for £10.99 on Clo Clo Londons website. They have so many amazing items and also do a pretty necklace that would go lovely with this item. The Madeleine bracelet has a stunning bronze gold background colour with gleaming lovely white gem stones. 

It's a really decent weight which helps it feel so much more expensive than it is, and when on the wrist looks even better. I'm hoping to wear this to a very special occasion I have this weekend, I now wish that I had ordered the lovely necklace to go with it to come in time. 

As you can this piece is stunning, I'm so pleased with it. Do check out Clo Clo London and let me know what your favourite items are. I also love the cute anchor ring in gold which is a bargain at £1.99.

Thanks for stopping by today. Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x 


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