Friday, 10 July 2015

July Cohorted BeautyBox

So I managed to get my hands on one of the hardest beauty box to get hold of at the moment! The Cohorted Beauty box for July. I have tried the last few months to get one of these boxes but like most other people the sight was crashing when they announced they were available. But a friend kindly shared when she managed to get hold of one so I quickly jumped in.

I was determined that I didn't want to see what was inside the box before mine arrived, so it could be a surprise. As with most other beauty boxes there are so many spoilers so there isn't that excitement when it comes to the door. In previous boxes I had seen there was Urban Decay, Too Faced and even Mac cosmetics so I was super excited about this box. I'm sure that I had seen most previous boxes had a value of approx £100, do let me know if you know. This July box total value is £63.50, so it says!

First thing that I was excited to see was the St Tropez gradual tan firming plus lotion. Im so super pale and never used to tan at all but with loving wearing so much makeup, contour and bronzer my body was looking and feeling a bit left out. So I have been trying different tans out lately. This is a full size 4 in 1 product with a RRP of £20, it helps to tan, tone, firm and moisturise the body. Really looking forward to trying this, do leave me any tips if you tan yourself as I'm still a newbie at it.

The next product I noticed in the box, mainly because of the size of it was the Diego Dalla Palma Snow White and the Huntsman set. RRP £25.00

First impression of this set was how long ago did this film come out? This isn't a newbie by any means, in fact on the back it states 2011. Hmmm, not happy about that to be honest. After swatching and trying it out I'm not all that fussed on it either. Rather disappointing as the box isn't the cheapest. It's £19.99 plus postage and I'm only liking one product so far. This Snow White set is just ok for me, I have many more items I would rather use instead of this. My Urban Decay naked palettes and new Zoeva palettes are products I would reach for over these shadows any day personally. If you received this set what did you think of it? 

The next item was the Nail Inc Matte polish in a red shade. They can be purchased super cheap nowadays so I don't think the £11 it states is anything to go on. I'm not a fan of matte nails, and before anyone says put a gloss top coat over it I have plenty others I would use instead again. So I'm not even going to swatch this. Sorry if I'm sounded so down on this box, just so disappointed.

Lastly was a small Gucci Flora body lotion that looked like it had been in storage awhile as was all marked so I had to wipe it all over. With it not being sealed when I opened the top it went it a little everywhere aswell which didn't help the way I felt about this product. Haha. Plus I just don't like the smell so not a hit with me I'm afraid.

I know that other previous boxes have been brilliant and its luck of the draw when you don't know what your receiving. Just unlucky for me that the month I manage to get the cohorted beauty box the products aren't really my cup of tea. A lot of people on my Instagram said how much they like the look of this box so this is all just my personal opinion, just when I have spent twenty odd pounds and they are products I'm not going to use except maybe one its a lot really. But at least I got to share it with you guys, just would have been better if someone could have got this box that was going to appreciate it more than me with them being so hard to get. 

Thanks so much for reading, sorry for the brutal honesty but at least you know I will tell you truly how I feel about things. I will also share the truth with you! Speak soon. Karen x JinksyBeauty x


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