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July Birchbox

July's 'Birchbox' arrived with a bit of a difference the other day. It's a Birchbag! I have to say I was receiving so many boxes from all the beauty boxes I was running out of space to put them. I do like to keep the nice designed ones but I do love the idea of a bag. Super useful. Unfortunately mine arrived in my least favourite colour in the world, orange! But I'm trying to tell myself it's coral. Haha. The idea of this months 'Make a Splash' these is you can use this bag for your jollies and other essentials you may need for the summer months. 

Other than the colour I really like the Birchbag and super hoping they decide on doing it again, but I doubt they will as so many people have been moaning about not getting to pick the colour. Get over it! I have. Haha. But I also loved that it fit through my front door in the pretty darn cool green Jiffy bag.

So at first glance lovely month, with the bag being my favourite thing! Great brands including Benefit, Pop Beauty and Jelly Pong Pong along with brands I have never heard of. Sometimes i like trying new brands other times I'm not so keen. The first unknown brand is Unani, I received a little Aloe Vera gel which is always useful as it helps to nourish, cool the skin as well as helping the skin to recover from burns or bites etc. The price of this sample was hard to work out as I couldn't find a size of the original full size but I have guessed at approx £2.25 for this 30ml.

Another unknown brand is this Indemne Eau De Genie product, which keeps annoying me falling out of its package! I'm not that keen on this product, it's to be used after you have cleansed to enhance your usual cleanser. I already have enough steps in my skincare routine and don't feel this did anything for me to want to carry on with it. Sample size worth £1.20. 

The last unknown brand is a full size Barely prep, blot and blend sponge. This I thought was a lovely item to receive, super useful to try out new beauty tools. This can be used to apply foundation but also states you can use it for skincare, primers and serums. RRP £5.99

My other full size product which is diddy was the Jelly Pong Pong glow getter luminizer gel retailing at £8.95. I liked this and didn't like it at the same time. It's perfect for adding glow to the brow bone but when I applied it to my cheek bones it didn't blend down well at all, looked patchy and wrong! This is the shade Ibiza.

I always love trying new Benefit products, I love lots of their lines in makeup but not over keen on the Skincare side as I have things I love using already. I received a Benefit Dream Screen which is a sun protection with an SPF of 45 which is fab. My only issue with face sun protections is I think they should all be once application for the day, as if you apply it before makeup and need to reapply you a little stuffed without ruining the look. But great product to test out as it states its mattifying which I need with my oily skin. This 6ml size is worth £3.33. 

The last product and probably my favourite is the a Pop Beauty eyeshadow trio sample. I love trying out new eyeshadows so this is great. But I have a massive problem with my packaging, I can't open it. I tried for ages all different ways, in the end my hubby had to get a sharp knife under it so I could do these pictures but once closed I still can no longer open it and don't fancy trying with a knife every morning. So bit disappointed about that. Has anyone else had the same problem? The Pop beauty palettes normally come with ten shadows at £15.50 so this sample is worth £4.65. It has great pigmentation, and was rather surprised! Just worried I can't get into it each time.

So fabulous month Birchbox. Well done, especially loving the bag and the eyeshadow palette. What are you thoughts on this months Birchbox? I think the yellow bag and turquoise looked amazing from other people's pics, maybe they will put them on the Birchbox shop soon. 

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Thanks for stopping by today. Hope you enjoyed your read and lots of pictures. Speak soon and stay tuned as I have so many more beauty boxes to share with you. Also check out my Instagram and Twitter where giveaways are happening. Thanks. Karen x JinksyBeauty x

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